Myths About Vagina That are Completely Untrue

A vagina is a gorgeous part of a lady, but often it’s misunderstood, and that tends to be the hot subject of rumors. These myths have been around for the generations. So go ahead and clear all your doubts.

Myth: Vulva is a Vagina

Truth: It is the most common misconception. The vagina actually is the tube that leads to the uterus and vulva is the external parts of your genitals including your labia majora, clitoris, labia minora, anus, vaginal, and urethral opening.

Myth: Vagina Smells Bad

Truth: It’s normal for the vagina to give a bad odor. This smell can differ depending on your menstrual cycle. However, there are different causes of abnormal vaginal smell. This most common one is bacterial vaginosis. It is when there is an overgrowth of naturally occurring bacteria in the vagina. Other causes might be sexually transmitted infection, poor hygiene, retained tampon, or trichomoniasis.

Myth: Your Vagina Looks Same for the Entire Life

Truth: With time, your vagina changes. At a pre-puberty stage, it’s tight and small. After that, secretions begin, and it slowly grows. When you do sex with your partner every day, its size changes. Not only this, vulva changes hugely during and after pregnancy.

After the lady gives birth, labia get dark, and skin stretches. Just note that most of the vaginas retain their natural shape, tone, and size after a lady gives birth. However, it may take several months, but it will surely allow you and your partner to enjoy sexual pleasure as you did before.

Myth: Vagina is Dirty

Truth: Vagina is the incredible part of a lady, and the best part is that they self-clean. It produces its own protective substance to remove unwanted bacteria and fluids. Strong soaps, scented stuff, or douching can even damage your vagina by unsettling its PH Level and killing of the deadly bacteria residing there. The great way to stay fresh is to leave your vagina to clean itself.

Myth: Douching is the Only Way to Make Your Vagina Clean

Truth: In reality, douching can hinder the normal flora and PH of the vagina and can even cause pain and irritation. Cleaning with a gentle soap is enough. In case you feel the need for deep cleaning, it’s the best idea to take a bath. Alternatively, consume foods like cranberries and yogurt.

Myth: Vagina is Located Down

Truth: No, vagina is located inside your pelvis.

Myth: Everything Comes Out of Vagina, Even Your Pee

Truth: Vaginas ejects discharge, ejaculation, babies, and menstrual blood but not pee. However, this steady steam comes out of your urethra. The urethral opening sits right between your vagina and clitoris, and that is too small. If you have got a UTI, this is where you are feeling painful sensation. Do not blame the vagina for this.

Myth: Vaginal Discharge is a Major Concern

Truth: Its normal and healthy if you have milky white vaginal secretions. But if its grey-green, watery, yellow, or cottage cheese like, it’s a good idea to consider your doctor immediately. However, during your menses, these secretions can be different significantly. It’s because, during this time, you make an inviting lubricant to help the sperm to your egg.

At other times, vaginal secretion can be white and thicker. Smokers, ladies consuming birth control pills, menopausal women, or antihistamines might have less discharge. If you spot any changes like blood or foul odor from your vagina indicate infection and seeing your gynecologist is a good idea.

Myth: Your Underwear Fabric Does Not Matter

Truth: The best way to maintain your vaginal health is to wear 100% cotton panties. It’s because they are breathable and also prevent any moisture build-up as well as a vaginal yeast infection.

Myth: You Should Orgasm When you have Sexual Intercourse

Truth: Lot of people does not have orgasms from vaginal intercourse. And if you do not orgasm from sex, it does not mean that something is wrong with your vagina. In fact, when you have an orgasm, your body releases feel-good hormones ‘endorphins.’ It can act as a pain killer. As per the study was done by the South Illinois School of Medicine, out of 52 females who were suffering from migraine, 16 of them got huge pain relief and treated eight of their disorders together.

Myth: Small Girls Possess Tight and Small Vaginas

Truth: It’s another myth that small girls have tight and small vaginas in comparison to the bigger and taller girls. Vaginas stretch and extend to almost two times of their size at the time of sexual intercourse instead of how small or big you are. Thin and small girls have tiny pelvic structure, but it’s not true that they possess small internal organs. Even if you’re a little tight down, your hymen may be slightly thick, or your muscles may contract with a much larger force.

Myth: Size of Vagina Matters a Lot

Truth: The average vagina size is around three inches, and it can even stretch it to four inches when aroused. It can accommodate a penis of almost any length unless your picked partner has a rare erect penile length of less than three inches.

Myth: Tampons Can get Lost in Your Body

Truth: Women may often forget to eliminate tampon. The cervix opening is too small to allow a tampon to go inside it. In case if you have forgotten to remove it out and it has disappeared, it means that it has turned sideways or compressed itself at the top of your vagina. It usually caught up in the top of your vagina, and the string is not felt quickly. It’s best to book an appointment as quickly as possible to prevent it against the infection.

Myth: Every Time you Have Itching Down, it Means you have a Yeast Infection

Truth: Note that not all itches signify a yeast infection. Few itches indicate bacterial vaginosis, hormonal changes, pubic lice, irritation from the item you are using and an STD like trichomoniasis.

Myth: Your Vagina Becomes too Loose if You Have a Lot of Sex

Truth: Your vagina becomes little tighter and looser in certain times, but it does not mean that when you engage in the sexual activity to much, your vagina becomes permanently stretched. Vaginas are super elastic, and they can fit babies through it. If you have a loose vagina after birth, it’s best to do pelvic floor exercises.

Myth: Having a Damaged Hymen Means You Are Not a Virgin

Truth: Few ladies have a hymen, and some don’t. It’s a thin membrane that covers the entrance to the vagina partially. The hymens can tear during activities like running, biking, and stretching, etc.

Myth: Pubic Hair is Gross

Truth: Pubic hair is normal and acts as a protective shield for your skin that guards it against all kind of skin complaints like acne, rashes, and infections. If you get razor burns even with the use of shaving cream, it’s a good idea to use scissors.

Myth: You Can get Drunk During the Use of Alcohol Soaked Tampon

Truth: In reality, the tampon cannot hold sufficient alcohol to inebriate you.

Myth: Your Vagina Will have the Symptoms if You Get a Sexually Transmitted Disease

Truth: Although some of the ladies get the signs for gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, and herpes, certain infections will not give you these signs. Fifty percent of the ladies that get chlamydia will not be aware of it. In some cases, untreated STD can result in permanent damage and infertility. Therefore, that is why it is advised for the women to have regular STD testing.

Myths About Vagina That are Completely Untrue

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