20 Shocking Facts About Christmas That I Bet You Didn’t Know

Christmas is celebrated on December 25th worldwide by millions of people. It is considered a memorable holiday by non-Christians too. This day is marked by the birth of Jesus Christ although the exact date of birth is not known. However, it is supposed to be between 7 and 2 B.C. The famous customs of this special day includes giving presents, sending holiday greetings, Christmas lights, and tree, caroling, a feast, and church felicitations. Check out some of the interesting and uncommon facts.

1. Present Giving Tradition

Do you know why we give gifts? Well, it symbolizes the presents to baby Jesus by three intelligent men.

2. Santa Claus is the most common figure related to Christmas worldwide

Santa Claus aka Saint Nicolas is also called as Kris Kringle, Father Christmas or Grandfather Frost. Other famous figures are Saint Nicholas, Christ kind, and Father Christmas.

3. The hanging socks as stockings tradition come from the Dutch custom

There would leave shoes filled with food for the donkeys of Saint Nicolas and the Nicolas too, and the saint would leave small gifts in return.

4. Tallest Tree

The tallest tree in the world is 221 feet high and was positioned at Washington shopping mall in the year 1950.

5. The Christmas wreath is a symbol of Jesus

The red berries present Jesus blood, and the holy shows the crown of thorns.

6. Edward Johnson innovated Christmas lights in the year 1882.

7. The best popular and most selling Christmas song is White Christmas sung by Bing Crosby.

It has been sold for 50 million plus times all over the world.

8. You could be charged if you were caught doing a celebration in Boston.

Due to its origin in pagan festivals, Christmas was not instantly accepted by all religions. In fact, it is illicit to felicitate in Boston from the year 1659 to 1681.

9. A large mass of people inside watches cartoon of Donald Duck every Christmas since 1960.

10. Christmas caroling tradition started as an old English custom

This tradition is initially called wassailing and was a toast to a durable life.

11. Maine built the biggest snowman in the world and 13 feet tall.

11. Santa In Iceland

There are total 13 saints in Iceland, and each one of them gives gifts to children. They come down one by one from mountain beginning from December 12 and have names like as Meat Hook, Spoon Licker, and Door Sniffer.

12. First Christmas

The very first eve is celebrated in New York, Britain in year 521 AD.

13. Food For Santa

Do you know why we leave cookies and milk for Santa? It is because children would leave drinks and food for Saint Nicolas on his feast day.

14. Santa Suit

Santa had worn white, green and blue earlier. But the traditional red apparel came from a Coca-Cola advertisement in the year 1930.

13. Christmas trees are also known as ‘Yule-Tree.’

They are evergreen trees usually either of a pine tree, fir tree or spruce tree.

14. Tree Decoration

Its decoration initially originated in the 16th century in Germany when Christmas would bring decorated trees into their houses. In the 18th century, these trees started decorating with candles.

15. ‘X’ meaning in X-Mas

Did you know what stand for in X-Mas? X signifies Christ in Greek and for shortening the word we sometimes use this.

16. First Legal Holiday

Alabama became a very first state in the United States to declare this day as a legal holiday. In June 1870, Christmas became a federal holiday.

17. Jingle Bells

James Pierpont wrote Jingle Bells song in the year 1857. It was initially known as “One Horse Open Sleigh” mainly created for Thanksgiving.

18. Christmas Islands

Did you know that there are mainly two islands named as Christmas? One is in the Indian Ocean, and other is in the Pacific Ocean.

19. Christmas Towns

There are three towns in the United States named as Santa Claus. They are in Arizona, Georgia, and Indiana.

20. Tangerine Filled Stockings

The tradition of packing tangerines in the stockings came from 12 the century French nuns who left socks filled with nuts, fruits, and tangerines at the houses of poor people.

20 Shocking Facts About Christmas That I Bet You Didn’t Know

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