At 47, This Gujarat Man Is Now A Father Of 2,000 Brides!!

47-Year-Old Indian businessman from Ahmedabad Gujarat Mahesh Savani, is now a proud father, as he has 472 loving daughters who are now happily married now.

These are the girls who don’t have their father.

Savani has been their “father figure” as he organized their weddings over the past few years.

Mahesh Savani

After the death of his brother Ishwar Savani in 2008 due to cardiac arrest in a jeweler’s shop, now Mahesh Savani had to perform the ‘Kanya Daan’ for his two nieces, around 10 years ago.

Mahesh Savani-12

He had gone to purchase the wedding jewelry for his two daughters, Amruta and Mitula and the jeweler wanted full payment.

Mahesh Savani-1

That incident left Ishwar’s cousin Mahesh Savani who is a diamond baron, thinking of many girls without fathers and then he started his personal splendid drive to support weddings.

Today, Mahesh Savani is called the “proud father” of 708 daughters, for each of whom he has organized the wedding.

Mahesh Savani-10

Savani said:

“My brother’s death shook me to the core”.

Mahesh Savani-3

He added:

“I did get his two daughters married, but I thought, what about many other daughters who have lost their fathers?”.

Mahesh Savani-14

Savani further said:

“I took a decision on that day to be the father of those brides, who have none to support them”.

Mahesh Savani-4

Savani spends Rs 4 lakh on an average on every such wedding.

In 2010, Mahesh Savani was given the work of “running schools” of their group.

Mahesh Savani-11

Savani said:

“I saw many girl students coming to take their school leaving certificates. When asked, the reply I used to get normally was that their fathers had died, and they could not afford school fees”.

Mahesh Savani-2

Today, Mahesh Savani proudly supports students in 19 colleges and 238 schools of Surat. Boys get their fees up to class 10th.

Mahesh Savani-15

Already, 392 girls in colleges and 8,400 students in schools have benefited from Mahesh Savani’s support.

Mahesh Savani-13

He even provides free medical treatment to those students who don’t have a father. Now at 47, Mahesh has two sons, Mohit and Mitual, but no daughter.

Mahesh Savani-9

Mahesh says, “I don’t have my own daughter but there are more than 2,000 daughters who call me father.”

This year, he would stand as the father of the bride for another 251 ladies in mass weddings.

Mahesh Savani-16


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At 47, This Gujarat Man Is Now A Father Of 2,000 Brides!!

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