OMG: BF Keep On Asking Is She Alive Or Dead After Stabbing GF With Sword!!

On Wednesday morning, a crazy lover entered the house of a minor (11th class student) and stabbed her with the sword in her stomach.

After that, he escaped from there and himself climbed to the mobile tower of the village. Read the whole incident below.


The incident is from Baijanpuri of Korar (Chhattisgarh), 35 km away from Kanker.


At 8.15 am on Wednesday morning, the 15th-year-old girl of Class 11th was at home with her 5-year-old brother.

The sword crossed the chest of the girl.


She was preparing a meal and her brother was playing in the verandah.


Kamal Singh Dowdy, the youth of Village Khursetikur of Balod district living in Kutkarsi village came there to meet her sister.

On Wednesday morning, he attacked the minor girl immediately with sword immediately for cheating in love.


The girl got unconscious after which he fled by understanding her dead.


When she got out of the house in this condition, the neighbors immediately admitted him to the hospital where his treatment was going on. She is now out of danger.


From here he was referred to the District Hospital. The whole incident was given to Korar police.

The police reached the spot attempting to bring the youngster out of the tower, but he did not come down.


After four hours of climbing the tower, he finally jumped in front of the crowd and die on the spot.


Before the death, the man was repeatedly asked whether the girl died or not. 


Talked to the police when he climbed the tower….

Read the conversation below:

Police – Get down, no one will harm you.
Youth – Call my parents.
Police – OK (Police called his parents, who live 50 km away from here)
Youth – Give me Mike. I want to tell why I killed her.
Police – Come down. We will give you mike.
Youth – Invite the media.
Police – The people came
Youth – I want water.
Police – Come down here and take the water.
Youth – The girl died or not?
Police – Do you want to kill her?
Youth- yes
Police- If the girl will be dead then you will come down?
Youth – Yes, I will come down.
Police – So get down, let’s see she is alive or dead.
Youth – There was no answer.
(After which he jumped from the tower)





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OMG: BF Keep On Asking Is She Alive Or Dead After Stabbing GF With Sword!!

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