He Used A Clear Nail Polish Onto The Shirt Buttons Before Wearing It And It Turned Amazing!!

Life hacks can make everyday tasks could save lots of time and effort if you knew them at the right time.

Check out the collection of life hacks, tips, and tricks that will optimize your life to the maximum.

20 Amazing Life Hacks

1. Trying to quit smoking?

Just go to a sauna or steam room 3 days in a row. You will sweat out the nicotine and it will be easier to quit.

Life hacks

2. Want to boost memory during exams?

Chewing the same flavor gum when taking a test as you did when studying will boost your memory.

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3. DIY Teeth Whitener

Strawberries contain an enzyme known as malic acid that removes stains from the teeth.

Life hacks-2


a) Mash up a strawberry with half a teaspoon baking soda to make a paste

b) Now spread it on your teeth with a toothbrush or your finger and leave it for 5 minutes.

c) Rinse your mouth and brush it regular toothpaste.

4. Want to get rid of unwanted hair anywhere??

Life hacks-4

For 1 week, just rub 2 tbsp baking soda as it intensifies the compounds of the coffee breaking down the hair follicles at the root.

Life hacks-3

5. Forgot something to include in an envelope?

Life hacks-5

Just put the envelope in the fridge for an hour. It will unseal it automatically.

Life hacks-6

6. Are you wetting toothpaste with water after you putting it on a toothbrush?

Just stop it because the water will minimize the healthy benefits of toothpaste.Life hacks-8

7. Smoker??

Drinking black tea can prevent lung damage due to smoking.

Life hacks-9

8. Best time to drink water

The best time of day to drink water to maximize its effects on your body.

life hacks-10

9. Stay asleep all night with 3 magical natural ingredients

Just take coconut oil, sea salt, and honey before bed. And it will help you get to sleep and stops you from waking up amid night.

life hacks-11

10. Restore shrunk shirt to its normal size

If a shirt shrinks put it in a bowl with ice water in it and one cup of hair conditioner.

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11. Making a video at a concert, Sound not clear??

When filming a video at a concert, put a finger over the microphone. The video will have clearer sound when you play it back.

life hacks-13

12. Want to skip all the other floors in an elevator??

Just Hold the floor number and door closing at the same time.

life hacks-14

13. Lost important small things??

In case, you lost an earrings, ring or small screws simply turn off the lights and search them with a flashlight. Because they will brighten up.

life hacks-15

14. No need to buy paint for kids

Make your own homemade paint from three ingredients present in your kitchen: 1 cup flour, 1 cup salt, and water.

life hacks-16

Add a little food coloring or liquid watercolors to create the color you desire.life hacks-17


15. Rusted toolbox??

Put few silica packets inside the toolbox and it will never rust again.

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16. Want to extract splinter?

Try this out.

a) Fill a wide-mouthed bottle with hot water (80% ).

b) Press tightly against the splinter for few minutes

It will pull off your skin and the splinter will pop out with pressure.

life hacks-19

17. Tangled Jewelry chains?

Don’t worry. We have an amazing trick. Just sprinkle baby powder on the chain and pull it with a pin will easily untangle jewelry chains.

life hacks-20

18. Buried alive?

If you ever get buried alive, just take off your shirt and tie it around your face and mouth. It will prevent from suffocation.

life hacks-22

19. Teary eyes while chopping onions?

Rub canola or olive oil on your knives before cutting onions. It will prevent your eyes from tears.

life hacks-23

20. Use clear nail polish to prevent threads from breaking.

Applying clear nail polish onto the buttons before wearing the shirt for the first time. 

life hacks-21


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He Used A Clear Nail Polish Onto The Shirt Buttons Before Wearing It And It Turned Amazing!!

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