Awesome Summer Decor Ideas for Living Room

Summer is running, and you might be wondering how to make your living room more inviting. But just note that even though primary features in your room stay same throughout the year, small details change with seasons. Also, you spend a lot of time in it; thus, it needs to appear excellent, comfortable, and functional. So, let’s check out how to decorate your living room for ultimate relaxation for you, family, and friends.

1. Opt for Breezy Curtains

Replace heavy curtains with something refreshing and breezy like cotton and chiffon fabrics.

2. Add Colorful Pillow and Cushion Covers

Pillows, throws, and cushions add excellent accent to your space. So give your room a vibrant look by adding a few colorful throw cushions and pillows. You can pick happy colors like orange, turquoise, and yellow. But make sure you experiment with different patterns and prints and choose the shades that go well with your furniture. For example, you can buy pillows with butterfly and flower prints to make it look livelier. For a more modern theme, you can pick printed cushions to create a cozy, intimate, and appealing setting. It’s also a great idea to put extra lightweight blankets in a woven basket for cool nights.

3. Take Advantage of Natural Sunlight

Lighten up your living room using natural sunlight by eliminating curtains, and opening windows. You can also use string lights because they look incredible and are also easy to hang.

4. Leave Floor Bare

Summer is full of visitors, so it’s better to keep the space empty. Rearrange furniture and pack all the fluffy winter rugs, side tables, throws, and pillows to keep floor bare. This gives the room a new look and feel. If you want to keep it, buy a cotton rug instead. Whether you have purchased a patterned or colored one, it can add a lot of character of your living room.

5. Decorate Living Room with Seasonal Flowers

What is the better way to style up your living room than by putting seasonal flowers and arrangements? Just remember that fresh flowers in the jar look beautiful and add freshness to the room.

6. Add Themed Wall Paintings

Your living room is an essential room when it comes to decoration. It’s the space to express yourself to your guests. Displaying vibrant themed wall art is an excellent way to reflect your taste and personality. It also adds a big statement to the minimalistic living room.

Also, summer is usually associated with sea stars, sand, palm trees, and more. So it’s time to replace your usual wall painting with something happier one like that of a sandy beach with big ocean waves for a relaxing effect. You can even choose a painting to tell the shades of your throw pillow for better cohesion.

7. Choose Round Shapes

Replace all the square-shaped stuff with rounded ones. For example, you can swap out coffee table by a chic light colored blanket to exude a beachy vibe to the living room.

8. Colorful Plant Pots

Bright shiny pots look cool in summer and also decorate your living room well. But make sure you place them in the right direction so that they will get a lot of natural sunlight.

9. Eliminate Extra Accessories

Remember, less is more. So remove all the extra accessories to make sure that your living room looks pretty cool. Also, make sure that the items you choose to add in your room are free of dirt. If possible, select the ones that are in pairs.

10. Add Copper Accents

Use some copper pieces to make your living room look unique. They also add an incredible twist to your home decor.

11. Lighten Up with White

Achieve a luxury look with white decorative accents or upholstery in light shades to add extra dimension and depth to your living space.

12. Take Benefit of High Ceilings

All white seem boring in the summer season, but a matte white look timeless and unique. It will also make your living area look bigger. You can accent it with colorful pillows to add great contrast.

13. Use Heirloom Pieces

Make your living room appear unique using heirloom pieces. These one-of-a-kind pieces will remind you of the happy memories with your dear ones.

14. Create a Lovely Reading Spot

You can use the corner of the sectional sofa to create a lovely and comfy reading spot. But make sure that it receives plenty of sunlight. You can decorate it with side table, lively artwork, and accent pillows.

15. Include Motivational Quotes

Summer is the season to revive your life. The great way to decorate your living room is to include inspirational quotes.

16. Add Handmade Woven Accessories

Woven accessories are great to include in the hot summer season. You can use it to hold your blankets.

17. Boho Feathers

Give a boost of personality to your living room walls with colorful bohemian feathers. You can even pick a vase bouquet design.

18. Lavender

Lavender exudes summer vibe in no time. So don’t be afraid to dress your large piece of furniture with this color.

19. Lace Linens

Lave linen table cloths, pillow covers, and curtains look superb. They are also an excellent addition to your living room summer decor.

20. Use Hot Pink

Do not feel shy about using hot pink in your living room. But make sure you use it in a small accent.

21. Make a Happy Corner

Turn any one corner into livable space by pairing chairs and bistro table with leather Ottoman. You can also make your living room walls colorful by adding bright accents to it so that it promotes exciting conversation and comfort.

22. Bring Outdoor Inside

If you do not have wooden furniture inside your living room, use natural colors and textures to give an earthly feeling and look to your living room in summer.

23. Add Beautiful Statuettes and Vases

Use gorgeous figurines and ceramic vases to boost your living room decor. Put them on the table top or in the place adjacent to the walls. Always pick a shade that blends well your wall paint. Lovely statues and vases will surely amaze your guests and take care of both functionality and appeal.


Summer season is all about carefree living. And these decorating tips and tricks will surely help you to spruce up your living rooms in no time.

Happy summer!!

Awesome Summer Decor Ideas for Living Room

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