10 Brilliant Life Hacks That You Need To Know right Now!!

Check out the amazing life hacks that will help you every time.

1. Tired of unnecessary ads??

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Putting your phone in airplane mode will stop unnecessary ads while playing games.

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2. Does your phone’s charger breaks??

Use a spring from an old pen to keep your phone charger from bending or breaking.

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3. Tired of pen thieves??

To keep pen thieves away, just put a blue ink cartridge in a red pen because no one steals a red pen.

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4. Does your air tight containers smelling fishy??

When storing empty airtight containers, just sprinkle some salt to keep them from getting stinky.

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5. Got Gum stuck to your hair??

In order to get rid of gum form your hair, just dip it into a small bowl of Coke and leave it for some time. It will remove off easily.

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6. Want to store something permanently in your brain?

Taking a quick nap just after learning something new can set that memory in your brain.

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7. Always forget the value of pi?

You can remember it by just counting the letters of each word in “May I Have A Large Container Of Coffee”.

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8. Want to buy the low-cost airline tickets online?

life hacks-8

Just use your browser’s incognito mode.The ticket prices will go up if you visit a site multiple times.

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9. Want to prevent overspeeding of the car??

While driving, just move your seat as far back as you can while still being able to touch your pedals.

life hacks-10

10. Don’t have a charger at the hotel??

If you are at a hotel and run out of chargers, don’t worry because the tv often has a USB plugin.

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11. Does your calculator runs out of batteries in the middle of exam??

If the calculator runs out of batteries amid exam, then by just rubbing the ends of the batteries together can give an extra time of 15 minutes.

life hacks-13

12. Stinky Shoes?

To get rid of unpleasant odor in the smelly shoes or gym bags, just put some tea bags in them.

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10 Brilliant Life Hacks That You Need To Know right Now!!

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