Explore 25 Best Feng Shui Tips For Pregnant Women!!

If you are getting pregnant, these Feng Shui tips are recommended for couples that they can make in their home. Check out the best tips for safe pregnancy.

There are few traditional feng shui decor items or elements that are the cures for fertility like statues or images of elephants with their trunks down. 

1. Plant a fruit tree

It’s actually the ancient symbol of fertility and removes any plants aren’t growing.


2. Hang a brass wind chime at your entrance

It will attract new energy to your home.


3. Display objects and pictures that remind you of the happiness of welcoming a new baby.


4. Remove anything that is blocking the front door

Just keep the things out that are blocking your front doors like overgrown bushes, a large tree, or even a car parked out in front of the main door.


5. A pregnant lady should never sleep in South-East room

It leads to premature delivery of the child.


6. Make sure to have enough sunlight in bedroom

The bedroom shall be flooded with sunlight in the day which can balance Yang and Yin and help you to get pregnant. The bedroom shall be well ventilated so that you feel refreshed. At night, it should be dim for you to fall asleep.


If your bedroom is having too much impure air, it will have an adverse effect on your pregnancy.

7. Avoid having too many mirrors or a fish tank in your bedroom.

The mirror may drive away the pregnancy edema and consume the essential essence of men and the fish tank will imbalance Yin and Yang, making it difficult for the couple to conceive a baby.


8. Don’t sleep on the floor, folding bed, and water bed, or avoid clutter under the bed.

Stabilize your bed to keep the pregnancy edema.


9. The bedroom shall have only 1 outward door instead than 2

The lady will find it difficult to get pregnant.


In Feng Shui, the bedroom threshold signifies ‘pregnancy edema’ in the house.

Tip: To keep the pregnancy edema, lay a carpet in the master bedroom.

10. Avoid having bedroom with a bathroom upstairs

Since the bathroom is a dirty place, it will be ill-fated.


11. Don’t place your bed too close to the window

In this case, you will suffer from dreaminess which will affect your pregnancy.

Tip: Put your bed on the diagonal from the bedroom door.


12. Avoid electric appliances and metal items at your bedside

It because these things may disturb your magnetic field and make it hard for you to get pregnant.


13. Bed Position

It is quite essential for the health of the fetus, so avoid moving your bed randomly from pregnancy to birth and keep the bed sheets clean daily.


14. Avoid Using Scissor on the Bed

The bed is a symbol of birth and marriage in Chinese culture. And if you’re pregnant, use of scissor or any other sharp object on the bed will mean birth defect or cutting of the umbilical cord.


15. Don’t Attend Funeral or Wedding

In Chinese culture, if the pregnant woman is attending a wedding it means of warding off the illness, which is not good for the new born.


It is similar in the case of the funeral because even the negative and sad mood is unlucky to you.

16. Don’t let others touch your shoulder

For Chinese people, touching a shoulder means your good luck will disappear. And if the pregnant woman’s shoulder is touched by someone, her baby may get hurt.


17. Don’t Touch Edge Tools

Avoid touching kitchen knife and other edge tools. It may affect the Fetal God incidentally that make you get frightened and ultimately result in abortion.


18. Avoid hanging a large picture or landscape painting above headboard

As this may affect your pregnancy. Also, avoid the dark pattern, fierce monster painting, abstract painting, and clock above or right ahead of your headboard.


Tip: Hang smiling baby right ahead of your headboard.

19. No Home Decoration, Kitchen Upgrade or Groundbreaking

In Chinese culture, avoid having home decoration, groundbreaking or kitchen upgrade during pregnancy period because home decoration may hurt the upcoming baby, and any sawing, tapping and drilling must be avoided.


It will have negative effect o your baby if light and sound of the environment will change making your baby difficult to adapt.

Tip 1: During home decoration, put concise, bright and lovely pictures instead of animal patterns.

20. Don’t drive a nail in the door, bedside or wall.

Pregnant ladies should not drive a nail in the door, bedside or wall. If you drive the nail, you may scare away the ‘Door God’ and the door will fail to hamper the evil spirits from entering into your room, which will affect your health too.


Note: Driving nail on the bedside leads to palpitation, poor sleep, and other discomforts.

21. Avoid having garage, memorial tablet or arcade downstairs your bedroom

The movement of a car or pedestrian will make the magnetic field and air flow unstable and result in the problem of conception.


22. Window Direction

If your window is towards a large rock or rockery in the park, you should be more careful as rockery may result in fetal instability and even miscarriage.

Tip: Remove too many potted landscapes in your home.


23. Display art with pomegranates

Pomegranate is full of juicy seeds which symbolize fertility and good luck in feng shui.


24. Put a red lantern on both sides of the bed

This will attract good and powerful yang energy into the bedroom.


25. Vastu tip for a healthy married life



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Explore 25 Best Feng Shui Tips For Pregnant Women!!

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