9 Basic Self-Defense Moves Every Woman Should Know

Almost every woman feel unsafe and afraid at some point in time- Whether it’s walking on alone streets or heading out for a party at night. It does not matter how heavy or big the attacker, you can beat anyone if you know where the vulnerable spots. So, let’s check out the basic self-defense techniques that can undoubtedly increase your chances of getting away safely.

1. Kick to the Groin

The groin is the most sensitive points not just for men but women too. So it is vital to judge your distance and the kick your target either with the tips of the toes or where your shoelaces would be. If you are near the male stalker, use your knees.

2. 360 Defense

The attacker usually aims at their targets from the behind or the side by using a circular attack to grab, slap, or punch. To fight this, use the side of your wrist to stop and hit the attacker in the same position, i.e., by keeping your arm at a 90-degree angle to create a decent space between you and the attacker.

3. Handbag Grab

When an attacker pulls your arm, bag with force, the main thing is to move and us the maximum energy rather than pulling away or withstanding away. Using the power of the attacker to hit them is a smart way to deal with such situations.

4. Hit from the Ground

If the attacker has smashed you on the floor, estimate the distance. Then kick the back of the attacker. If they are directly above you, hit them with your feet at once by forcing your hips above the floor for additional energy. After that, get up and run away as fast as possible.

5. Open Hand Strike

It is the best move that every woman must know. It uses the heel of your hand to target the most unsafe areas around the head of the person like as eyes, face and both back and front of the neck. The big punch in his eyes can hurt the attacker badly .also avoid pulling your arm back because this will alert the attacker if what to come.

6. Straight Punch

A straight punch at the vulnerable areas can be quite useful in defending yourself. Push from the ball of your foot and force your fist and hip forward at the same time. It will maximize your strength. Now let your elbow flip up. Your contact area should be the middle finger knuckles and pointer, not your ring and pinky finger knuckles.

7. Knee Kick

If the attacker is closer to your body, the attacker may be closer to you to throw a straight pouch. In this case, kicking with your knee with maximum power and then hitting the groin of your attacker can be quite useful. Use the tip of your knee, not your thighs because it will cause more pain. If possible, before you hit the knee, try to hold the attacker between the shoulder and neck of the person. Then hold on to as much muscle, skin, or clothing as possible. It will give you more grip to kick knees harder.

8. Hug Defense

If the attacker hugs you from the front or behind around the shoulders, grab his elbows. Then drop as low as you can toward ground and slide as much as you can to turn out of the hold of the attacker. Lowering your center of gravity is another thing you can do. It makes you more balanced and tough to lift. It also offers you a new angle from which you can strike knee, groin, or throw a punch to the elbow to your eyes, neck, throat, or ears of the attacker, thus giving you more time to get away.

9. Choke Defense

If the attacker chokes you, move your hands toward your neck. Instead of pulling the hands of the attacker off your neck, use your hands like hooks (with the thumbs against your pointer fingers and hands in a C shape. Then pluck at the thumbs of the attacker). Kicking at the same time is also a good idea. If you pluck the thumbs of the attacker away, it will is hard for him or her to balance a choke, thus offering you time to hit back and run away. Just note that you have only 3 and 8 seconds to get the hands of the attacker off your throat before you begin to lose oxygen.

9 Basic Self-Defense Moves Every Woman Should Know

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