Signs of Bad Parenting That Every Parent Should Know

It seems to be a myth to a lot of the parents as they always think of good for their children, but sadly bad parenting do exists. Parents sometimes indulge in some rude things while leaving a long-lasting effect on the child.

Bad parenting is not just offering the poor nutrition to your kid but the series of actions which harm the psychology and the attitude of your little one. Most parents fail to understand all this since this was unintentionally or perhaps they are too busy.


1. You scold him even if he speaks the truth

Yes, you always scold your kid for the mistakes he committed, and you forgot that he is bold and courageous enough to be truthful.

2. You hit and punish the child in front of everyone

There is no hesitation in criticizing the little one regardless of the place and people. But if you scold him in front of his grandparents, cousins, siblings, and even neighbors you can whip a slap.

3. Less motivation and more advice

If you are the one who tells your kid to do things like wake up early, accomplish better grade in exams instead of motivating him with the positive thoughts, you are a bad parent.

4. No displaying sufficient affection and love

Have you ever thought why your kid is always trying to grab your attention by troubling you with the naughty tricks? It is possible that he feels a lack of emotional connection and warmth from his parents.

5. You are unsupportive when your kid needs you

Your kid may need your support while going to school or while preparing for his exams. But you always try to focus on your official work or commitments thereby you fail to give the time which the child demands.

6. Comparison with other kids

Yes, it is always excellent to set positive attitude and iconic role models for your children, but you are the bad parent if you compare them with someone else always mainly to the child in your neighborhood or sibling.

7. Never feel proud of your accomplishments

You display no excitement or joy when your children come home with pride about his winning in a game.

8. You always speak in criticizing the tone

You watch everything the kid does negatively, but you fail to spot the positivity in him and always criticize him.

9. Setting bad example

Children learn their habits from their parents. If the kid does something bad and inappropriate, then you as a parent need to spend a few moments to analyze for he may have learned the wrong habits from you.

10. You make him with no option left

Parents decide everything on their own from the school to study. Thereby, you tend to be rude to the point that you forgot to give your different kid choices. It makes his yearn for the other things, and in few cases, he will not even feel shy to steal it.

11. Physically frighten the child

If you raise your hand or show your fist every time your child does wrong, it is the bad parenting you must avoid. Intimidation has become a common tool for the parents to maintain discipline irrespective of knowing the physical or mental impacts. Growing a fear towards you is like bullying which is very pathetic.

12. You fail to understand feelings of the child.

You might have spent a lot of time teaching the good habits and things but never spare a single moment in understanding the opinions and feelings of your little one. You rule out as rubbish and don’t take it seriously every time you share something with you.

13. Partiality

When the parents prefer one child over another, it can be damaging, and those kids are more likely to get the risk of depression later in their life. You might think that the preferred child gets to benefit from this, but this is not the case. Unequal treatment results in disastrous effects for all siblings.

13. Too Much Pampering

It is always good to shower love but not too much that he become a spoilt brat. Those children take everything for granted and don’t understand the value of anything. It makes him flaunty which can result in a bad social image. Always remember when the parents so much for their kids, the kids fail to do much for themselves.

Signs of Bad Parenting That Every Parent Should Know

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