13 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About Test Tube Babies

A female may be proud of many things in her life, but nothing can make her happy than being a mother. Every woman wants to enjoy this beautiful phase, but there are specific complications with most of women faces from birth till her death. Carrying unborn in the womb for nine months can be painful for her but having no sign of getting pregnant is the most painful feeling that a women heart can handle. So, the couples are only with only two options- others adopt a child or have a test tube baby.

There are more than five million test tube babies across the world. No matter how modern we are, but there are still facts about the test tubes babies which are under controversy. Still, a lot of religious groups consider IVF as a wrong move, and some people think that infants born are abnormal. So, let’s check out the facts about test tube babies


A Test tube baby is born without the sex between a man and woman. Instead, it’s a result of the advancement in medical science in the domain of infertility treatment. IVF (or Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is the process of fertilizing an egg outside the body of the woman. The ova or ovum of a woman is eliminated during the menses and then put in a dish with the sperm of the donor. The sperm helps to fertilize the eggs naturally in fluids, which is then placed back into the woman’s womb for pregnancy.

First Tube Baby

The first test tube (IVF) baby in the world is ‘Louise Brown.’ He was born at Oldham General Hospital on July 25, 1978, in the UK.

Wine Glasses

It is said that before the invention of test tubes, wine glasses were used by the chemists for the storing the sperm and eggs. Michael Faraday is the inventor of test tubes.

Test Tube Babies

As per the Oxford English Dictionary, the phrase ‘test-tube babies’ date back to the year 1935.


Because the first non-primate gets pregnant in the laboratory dish, it was named ET (Embryo Transfer).

Multiple Births

As per the last year report mentioned in emedicinehealth.com, most women who opt for In vitro fertilization (IVF) gave birth to the single babies, out of which 32 % of them deliver twins an 5% of them give birth to triplets or more.


A study shows that approximately 1,000 test tube babies in almost five European countries found that the kids up to five years were born as normal babies.

Same as Normal Baby

The fact that the test tube baby may never be your baby is wrong. It was not the case with Louise Brown who gave birth to her children naturally.

Petri Dish

IVF process is not performed in the test tube, but it is conducted in a Petri Dish with the help of synthetic hormones and proper temperature. Later on, it gets implanted into the mother.

They are Fertile

Test tube babes can grow as normal babies and also don’t face any fertility issues at the adult age.

Before this most advanced assisted reproductive technology, the term ‘test tube baby’ was used for the kids born by artificial insemination technique.


As per the experts, IVF costs around Rs. 1, 50,000 to Rs. 2, 50, 000.

Taller than Normal Ones

As per the study conducted by Auckland University Liggins Institute, IVF children if getting pregnant from the fresh embryos instead of the frozen ones are approximately 2.7 centimeters (1.02 inches) taller as compared to non-IVF children by the age of 6.

Less Weight

As per naturalheightgrowth.com, a study showed that kids born via IVF tend to be about 190 grams lighter than those who naturally conceived kids.

Health Issues

As per sciencemag.org, IVF kids can face long-term health issues like diabetes, obesity, and hypertension when they reach 50.

Reasons Behind Infertility:


The success rate of getting pregnant declines with as the women ages. A female under the age of 35 has a high chance of getting conceived.

-Male infertility

Usually, people blame a female for infertility, but as per Indiatimes.com, one in twenty men has fertility issues with fewer sperm ejaculations.

-Irregular Periods

Irregular periods with extra heavy or light bleeding hinder the release of mature eggs from the ovary.

-Drugs, Smoking, and Drinking

Smoking can have severe side effects in male infertility as it damaged the sperm, making it less fertile.

13 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About Test Tube Babies

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