11 Mind Blowing Facts About C-section (Cesarean Surgery)

Almost every woman is opting for the Caesarean surgery rather than giving natural birth. But is it worth it? So, check out some of the exciting facts about c-section.

1. Some women have performed their surgery

Inez Ramirez Perez of Mexico is one woman who had done her surgery with no medical experience. After feeling pain from the past 12 hours, she finally uses a kitchen knife to cut her belly.

She took three attempts and one hour to cut 17 centimeters and then she pulled the baby out of her uterus.

2. C-sections are more than 1 thousand years old

C-section was also performed earlier in many areas though probably after 300 BC. There have been many references to surgeries that describe c sections in ancient Hindu, Roman folklore and Egyptian. Moreover, one of the old emperors has six sons, and it is supposed that she delivered her baby by cutting the mother’s womb.

The first women who have survived c section were young French lady who later on became the princess of Bohemia. It was after the year 1337 when medical science was just beginning to enhance.

3. Some risks are involved

There are some risks associated with each surgery. It can be life-threatening, and it could also pose death. Firstly, the doctor will ask you to sign an agreement form saying that there is no guarantee if any mishappening happens to the child and mother.

And according to the research, the possibility of casualty for the mothers undergone Cesarian sections is three times higher in contrast to those who opt for the natural delivery.

Another significant risk is bladder infection. Sometimes when the endotracheal tube is inserted, it can scrape the bladder tube thereby, posing an infection in the bladder. It might result in a lot of discomforts for about a week or two while the doctor will give you plenty of antibiotics to fight the infection.

4. Any mother can be a potential c section candidate

While modern mothers are switching towards the cesarian section by their own choice but were meant initially for only those, who had high risk or complicated pregnancies.

The other reason for the c section includes those another who had prolonged labor and thereby leading to the fetal distress, huge babies at a time or those who had sadly engaged in STS like as genital herpes just before the labor pain.

5. C-section was named After Julius Caesar

The legendary Julia Caesar was born through the cesarian section and hence the name. The first c-section is back around 300 BC when an Indian princess who consumed poison by accident died before she could deliver her baby.

Her husband (prince) could not bear losing the mother and baby, so he decided to save the child. Then, he called a great teacher and asked him to cut the mother’s belly. As per the report, the child lived an became the first every c section kid. Under the rule and law of Juliar Ceaser, cutting off the woman’s womb is only applied to a dead or dying mother whose family wishes to save the kid.

6. You may be bed-ridden for about 24 hours post surgery

Yes, it’s true that you might be asked to take rest for the two days and you will feel pain and discomfort while getting out of the bed or walking. It is mainly after day three of the surgery and after a couple of days. You will begin walking and become normal again.

You are allowed to do running, exercises, hopping, etc. only after one month. You need to take a little bit slow and steady.

7. Scars depend on the DNA

Women who opt for the C-Sections have scars on the bikini parts. You might be feeling will it ever fade? Yes, of course, it depends on the body, and some women have a god gifted skin and heal naturally after performed any cut, scratched, or poked. But the others have to live with it.

There is no doubt that creams, lotions, and oils, etc. will help you a little to get rid of it but those bumpy lines will always stay to remind you that you have undergone Cesarian section.

8. Couples have to stop sex for about two months

The couples have to wait for at least two months to get intimate as the stitches might pop up. But after that, there is no issue. Some couples have claimed to lose the sense of touch at that incision area or may feel the tingling sensation around the wound areas.

9. There is no effect on the mother-child bond

Some people claim to have a stronger bond between a mother and child after a natural delivery. But it’s not true as it depends only on time spent with the child.

There is also the fact that few adopted children are more attached to their foster parents rather than the biological children to their parents. Your kid will always be your not matter how he is delivered out in this world.

10. You have to burn a hole in your pocket

Different hospitals charge differently. Like as the government hospitals cost less as compared to the rich ones. Also, various Countries have own rates. So, those who are planning to opt for a section, start saving your money today.

11. You can’t have more than three c sections

There is no rule in how many c-sections women can have. But the present world record is six. Studies have shown that generally, each section will be slightly more complicated than the last.

Few mothers even tend to have to same healing rates in contrary to their last cesarian sections. So it mainly depends on the body and health of women. But still, the consensus recommends not to opt for more than three c-sections.

11 Mind Blowing Facts About C-section (Cesarean Surgery)

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