3 Best Hairstyles that Only Take 5 Minutes or Less

If you’re getting late for beach party, brunch, or date night?? Don’t worry as these hairstyles will help you out to look gorgeous in five minutes or less than that and even during the busy mornings.

1. Barrette Tieback

This tieback is super trendy and looks amazing on the people of all ages. You can style with your favorite dark denim or sweater.

You Will Need:

a) Hairbrush
b) Spray bottle
c) Hairspray (optional)
d) 3 bar barrettes

Time Needed: 5 minutes
Skill Level: Easy


a) Divide your hair down the middle
b) Select the tiny hair section in the front.
c) Divide the section into two parts and start making a fishtail braid.

d) After reaching the end, return and pancake it.
e) Set it with a rubber band and repeat the fishtail braid on the other side.
f) Bring both twists to the back side and cross them
g) Take your first Barrette and set it at an angle.
h) Choose the second one and place it across the base of two angle barrettes to make a triangle shape.
i) Go back and loose hair at the crown.
j) Finally, add hairspray if needed.

2. Cross-Braid Sock Bun

Check out how to make sock bun updo with crossed micro braid accents. And the best part is that it just takes five minutes. In fact, it is ideal for Prom, wedding, ballet, Homecoming, or any other formal event.

You Will Need:

a) Hairbrush
b) 1 sock bun
c) Rat-tail comb
d) Spray bottle
e) 2 big hair bands
f) 2 tiny rubber bands
g) 2 to 4 bobby pins
h) Hairspray (optional)

Time Needed: 3 to 5 minutes
Skill Level: Medium


a) Start by dividing two small square sections of hair nearly the size of a pencil in thickness on the back side of the head and behind the ears.
b) Braid each of the parts in a standard braid pattern and set it using rubber bands.
c) Put all the rest hair up into a high ponytail and fix it with a hair band.

d) Pull ponytail hair via bun maker and slide it down the ponytail till it rest of head covers headband.
e) Allow the hair of ponytail to fall over bun maker and make sure to distribute all the bun maker evenly till it gets entirely covered evenly with hair.
f) Put rest of hair band over the hair and bun maker to make an ideal looking bun.
g) Choose a tiny hair section of the remaining hair and start twisting it.
h) When you roll, begin adding hair into the twist and work it around the whole bun till you have picked all hairs.
i) After adding in all the remaining hairs, continue twisting hair strands and set the ends of twist with a tiny rubber band.
j) Wind the rest twist and set it with bobby pins.
k) Choose the two micro braids and cross them on the back of the head before wrapping around the bun.
l) Set or tuck the ends of braid between twist and bun into the place with bobby pins.
m) Allow the flyaways to set with hairspray.

3. Flower Braid Bun

If you are thinking of a cute and easy hairstyle, then pick this up. It might look complicated but believe me it perfect for you.

Time Needed: 3 to 5 minutes
Skill Level: Easy


a) Begin by taking 3″ section of your hair and swoop back and clip it.
b) Start making a three strand braid (start below the clip) and set it with the tiny hair elastics if required.
c) Pull and pancake the outer edge of twist on the front side.
d) Take clip out and start wrapping the base of braid up and in a circle.
e) Continue this upward and after reaching the desired placement set flower with bobby pins.
f) Take new hair section behind the flower and clip it down.
g) Braid a three strand braid beginning under the clip and secure it with tiny elastic if required.
h) Pull and pancake the outer edge of a twist on back side.
i) Wrap down and around the existing flower and set it with bobby pins
j) Add hairspray.

3 Best Hairstyles that Only Take 5 Minutes or Less

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