33 Wedding Blunders that Every Groom Should Avoid

Although most of the people have their eyeballs on the bride on the big day of the wedding, it’s equally crucial to remember that it’s a groom’s day as well. A groom is a host to his guests, so he needs to ensure that he makes his new wife happy on this special day. And this is going to be one of those days that you will treasure for the rest of your life. So, let’s check out the useful tips to keep in mind on the big day.

1. Staying Out the Entire Night

Wedding night is full of music, yummy food, alcohol, and people. It is a cool idea to stay at the bar with all your buddies and family on the wedding eve. But note that you are now a married man, and you should take care of the wife. Stay with her all day and night along to make her journey more enjoyable and stress-free because she may want to spend more time with you.

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2. Wearing Wedding Shoes for the First Time

The most important part of the wedding suit of the groom is his shoes. These shiny shoes look nice, but they are made using different materials that may not be comfortable. Thus, it’s important that you at least try them once before the wedding morning. It is because it prevents bleeding from the feet and gives you a happy face. No matter what shoes you prefer to buy, but make sure that they fit you well. Right size guarantees utmost comfort, boost confidence, and enhances body posture. Leather shoes are usually best for grooms as they are quite soft from inside.

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3. Being Late

It is okay for the bride to come late but it is crucial that a groom sets the alarm for the wedding day so that he wakes up on time and attends the vital rituals and wedding stress-free.

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4. Not Trying Pictures

There is nothing worse than ‘seeing a wedding album with your face sad and stressed.’ Try to make yourself comfortable with the photographer so that he catches your best shots of the day.

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5. Displaying Nervous Face

Most of the grooms feel nervous and stressed on the big day. But just remember that there is nothing to worry about. If you are concerned about anything, just talk to your partner-to-be. But please do not show such an unhappy and disappointed face during this time.

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6. Too Drunk

Yes, your buddies and family will ask you to have a drink with them. Although it’s your time to celebrate, make sure that you do not get too drunk that you need to carry up by someone to the bed.

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7. Leaving Your Wife

Your new spouse would get angry with you if you leave her for your crazy cousins and mates.

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8. Wearing Tuxedo in the Morning

Most of the men choose classy tuxedo over sherwani and tailor-made custom suit. But they forget that a tux looks best after 6 pm. So, avoid wearing them in the morning time.

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9. Not Carrying a Handkerchief

No matter what you are wearing on your wedding, the main thing is that you should carry a handkerchief. It is because weddings are emotional and some memories can bring tears in your eyes.

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10. Wearing Braces and Belts Together

Do not wear a belt and braces at the same time because their combination looks weird.

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11. Keeping Trousers Length Too Long

Too much long or short pant make you look funny and spoils your entire look on the big day. So, make sure that the length of your pants does not touch your shoelace. It is best to have ankle length trousers at your wedding.

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12. Fastening All Buttons of Your Blazer

Buttoning all of the buttons ruins your image on a special day. Fasten one or two buttons only because they look stylish.

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13. Wearing Light Colored Suits for the Evening Events

It is crucial for the groom to wear the right suit at the right time. Although light-colored suits look fashionable and trendy in the morning time, dark shades like dark browns, blacks, and blues look dazzling in the night functions.

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14. Not Focusing On Bridal Clothes

Bridal wear is considered the most vital part of the wedding. Such outfits are usually massive and gorgeous. Thus, it is vital that your dress matches with your bride’s dress. If she is choosing something lightweight, do the same for you.

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15. Not Ensuring Proper Neck Wear

Ties give the groom a chance to add life to their attire. Usually, black shades are quite famous for the neckwear. They are typically made using different materials depending on the weather conditions. A tie that you select must complement the bridal accessories and wear. Make sure that the tie color matches with the theme of the bridal party. Silk ties are best for the different weather conditions. Furthermore, it’s not a good idea to shed you tie too early.

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16. Winging Your Wows

It’s essential that before your actual wedding, you spend time with your fiancee to make that wedding vows extra special and thoughtful.

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17. Not Spending Sufficient Time On the Dance Floor

Spend some time with your bride-to-be on the dance floor because this will make her feel good.

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18. Not Helping Your Family Members

Ask your mother, aunty, grandmother, sister, and brother if they like something special for the wedding. It’s best to arrange their pick up to the venue and make them your witness while registering the marriage.

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19. Leaving Late RSVP’s for the Fiancee to Handle

If you spot that most of your buddies and family have not RSVP’ed yet, contact them and find out if they are attending the event or not.

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20. Accessorizing Too Much

Accessories like cufflinks and tie clips are best for the big day as they reflect your style and interests. They add a special touch to the wedding outfit. Also, over-accessorizing is not crucial because you can even look trendy with less.

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21. Complaining About Money

Ensure that you carry enough cash to make your wife and guests happy. Simply enjoy the functions without complaining about the money spent. It is because this will not just make your wife embarrassing and disappointed but also make your guests uncomfortable.

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22. Ignoring Guests

Just because the guests are from the side of the bride, so you ignore them. Instead, shake hands and greet them with a big smile on your face when they arrive at the wedding venue so that they feel good and happy. It’s best to snap some lovely pictures with them and say a few words.

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23. Skipping Eating

Most of the grooms skip eating food on their special day. Also, talk with your caterer in advance so that you and your spouse can enjoy the mouth-watering food during dinner together.

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24. Checking Out Other Ladies

Maybe you had been going to the bar, laughing with other girls in the pubs, paying attention to the other girls that look sexy to you, but now the time is different. It is better that you stop all this and check out the lady by your side.

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25. Not Complementing the Bride’s Choices

A wedding is not the time to evaluate the choice of your bride. Also, do not do the things that make your bride feel guilty, sad, and embarrassed. Instead, make sure that everything goes smoothly.

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26. Calling Your Ex to Share the Engagement News

There is no need to tell your ex-partner about your engagement or wedding. Enjoy that current moment with your wife-to-be and cut out all the past memories.

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27. Skipping Meetings With Your Wedding Vendors

When you are planning your wedding budget, it is a good idea to accompany your fiancee to meet the vendors like the caterer, florist, DJ, etc. They are the ones that take most of the money for their services; thus it is crucial that you attend the meetings so that you do not get out of the budget.

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28. Not Registering Your Marriage

Amid the wedding planning, sometimes the grooms tend to forget registering their marriage. So make sure you do that.

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29. Not Harmonizing With the Family Members

Make sure that you coordinate with your in-laws and fiancee. It is because if you do not this, you might end up with two different cakes, venues, and florists.

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30. Skipping Groomsmen Gift

Groomsmen are the special persons in your life that had helped you with your entire wedding process. Therefore, now it’s your time to thank them with something special present like a smart wallet, wooden watches, etc.

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31. Skipping the Details

During wedding time, there are plenty of details. Thus, it is vital that you keep checking on them to make sure that everything is well organized.

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32. Wearing White Socks With Tux

Before you step out for your wedding venue, make sure that your socks and tux match well. Also, if you and your groomsmen are thinking for the crazy socks look, ensure that they are not in your every wedding picture.

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33. Skipping Dance With Grandmother

Just make sure that you spend quality time with your grandma and other beloved family members on your wedding- whether it’s clicking the pictures or dancing on the floor.

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33 Wedding Blunders that Every Groom Should Avoid

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