Facts You Must Know About Human Nails

1) Fingernails Grow Upto 3.5 millimeters Per Month.

Fingernails grow upto 3.5 millimeters per month.

2) Nails Are Made Of The Same Stuff As Hair.

 Nails are made out of the same stuff as hair.

3) Men’s Nails Grow Rapidly Than Women’s Nails.

men nails

4) Nails Grow Faster In Summer Than In Winter.


5) Nails Need Blood To Survive.

nails need blood to survive.

6) Our Whole Body Sweats Except Nails .

nails dont sweat

7) Nails Also Breathe.

nails breathe

8) Sleep & Stress Affect Nails.

sleepy woman bed

stress in women

9) Nails Are The Window To Your Health.

Nails are the window to your Health

Source: TrendsHealth, HuffingtonPost

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Facts You Must Know About Human Nails

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