3 Easy DIY Hairstyles to Do Yourself

We have compiled there easy DIY hairstyle tutorials that is quite quick and simple to make. It is ideal for the school going girls as it looks cute and elegant. These styles are sure to impress your friends and colleagues.

You Will Need:

a) Rat-tail comb
b) Hair rubber bands
c) Bobby pins
d) Hairbrush
e) Spray bottle
f) Hairspray (optional)

Time Needed: 3 to 5 minutes
Skill Level: Medium

1. Half Up Rope Twist Bun


a) Select a hairpiece from the front of the head and partition it into two parts.
b) Now, twist every piece and then back together in the opposite direction.
c) Take the new hair and add it to your two pieces.
d) Now again, roll each hairpiece down and then back together in the opposite direction.
e) Add new hair to the top hair strand of your rope twist this time.
f) Repeat step d).
g) Continue making rope twist till you reach head’s back.
Note: At this point, stop adding the new hairs and end rope twist down a few additional stitches and fix it temporarily using pins or rubber bands.
h) Repeat the similar procedure on the opposite side of your head.
i) Once you reach the head’s back with the second twist, mix it with the first one and set it using small rubber bands.

j) Return and pull out the edges of rope twist and partition ponytail into two parts to make a rope twist.
k) After reaching the base, return and pancake the edges to make it bouncy.
l) Now, set your rope twist with a tiny rubber band.
m) Wrap the rope twist and roll it around to make a bun and use bobby pins to fix it.
n) Return and pull the edges if they require setting.
o) End with a hairspray.

2. Fishtail Top Knot


a) Begin by pulling the hair up into a high ponytail.
b) Fix it using a rubber band and take a hair section from the ponytail.
c) Now, divide it into two parts and create a fishtail braid.
d) Begin this by taking a small hairpiece from the outside of section one and cross it under by adding section number two.
e) Take a tiny part from the outside of part two and pass it under and add section number one.

f) Continue making fishtail till you reach the end of hair and set it using tiny rubber bands.
g) Take rest of the hair and divide it into two hair sections.
h) Choose one hair section and twist it down the end.
i) Take a tiny sliver of hair at the end and pull it while sliding rest to the head’s top.
j) Pull the edges of twist to set it with bobby pins.
k) Choose the last hair section and repeat the twist and slide it to make the second half of your bun. You can set it using bobby pins.
l) Pick fishtail braid and wrap it all around the bun and place it using bobby pins.
m) Finish it with hairspray.

3. Twisted Dutch Braid Ponytail


a) Select a small hairpiece from the front side and partition it into three pieces.
b) Take top hair part and cross it under the middle one.
c) Take the front portion and pass it to the center one.
d) Choose a tiny hair piece from this stitch and add this to the top hair section before crossing it into the middle.
e) Select a tiny hairpiece and add this to the base section before passing it under the center.
f) Keep on adding new hair to the outside parts for more stitches and then stop adding strands to the base part. It will create a Dutch lace braid.
g) Continue making Dutch lace braid till you reach the head’s back.
h) Return and pull braid edges to create more volume.
i) Fix your twist temporarily using bobby pins or tiny rubber bands.
j) Repeat the Dutch lace braid on another side of the head.
k) After reaching the head’s back with second braid, mix them and set it using tiny rubber bands.
l) Partition off the hairs on every side behind the ears. Take the middle hair section and make a ponytail and fix it using regular rubber bands.
m) Now, take up the rest of hair sections and roll it backward.
n) Wrap your twist all over the ponytail and then set it together with tiny elastics.
o) Return and carefully pull edges of a twist.
p) Repeat twist on another side and this time wrap it across the ponytail two times to hide your rubber bands.
q) Finally, set it using tiny elastic.

3 Easy DIY Hairstyles to Do Yourself

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