Traffic Police Sub-Inspector ML Nijalingappa Stopped President’s Convoy🚑👮👍

BENGALURU: A Traffic sub-inspector, ML Nijalingappa, and Constable Vishwanath Rao won several hearts on social media for stopping the President Pranab Mukherjee’s convoy and letting the Ambulance Pass.

Pranab Mukherjee was in the Bengaluru to inaugurate the city metro’s, Green Line.

ML Nijalingappa-1

The head of the inauguration of the city’s Green Metro line, sub-inspector M L Nijalingappa along with Vishwanath Rao were on duty at Bengaluru’s Trinity Circle as Pranab Mukherjee’s convoy to pass through a Busy junction from the HAL airport.

ML Nijalingappa

The Indian President’s convoy was heading towards the Raj Bhavan when ML Nijalingappa spotted an ambulance approaching from another road.

He immediately passed on the directions to do what’s more important and let the ambulance pass through the traffic-heavy road.

At that moment, he certainly takes the right decision.

Mr. Nijalingappa told:

“The ambulance was coming from a hospital on Richmond Road and the President Pranab Mukherjee’s car was just 150 feet away. We have a difficult time taking the decision so we managed both the ambulance and the VVIP”.

ML Nijalingappa

Mr. Rao added:

“Two are important – one is the President of India. One is the patient. We took a sudden decision”.

Normally the procedure is to clear such things with higher officers. But there was a shortage of time on Saturday.

ML Nijalingappa-4

Bengaluru Police Commissioner, Praveen Sood said:

ML Nijalingappa-2

“It is very easy for us to pass instructions. They have shown their presence of mind and took a decision and we have rewarded both the officers suitably,” he said.

He further added:

ML Nijalingappa-3

The Bengaluru Police later declared a reward of Rs 5,000 for sub-inspector M L Nijalingappa.

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The basic expectation of every traffic inspector would be giving an ambulance priority over politician’s convoy. 

Salute to ML Nijalingappa…!!





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Traffic Police Sub-Inspector ML Nijalingappa Stopped President’s Convoy🚑👮👍

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