Your title should be concise
It must include the Targeted keyword
Keep the first character of every word in the Title Capital
Try to create meaningful, interesting and fascinating titles
Featured Image
Upload an original image as a featured image. The size of the featured image must be (800*400). You can edit the image so as to increase its visual appeal as featured image will show up in the snippet. Don’t use the right protected image of those that have watermarks on them. Nude images or 18+ images are strictly not allowed.
Article Images
All the articles must include multiple images of the size (800*400). The images used in the article, but not be right protected. If you are using the image of any other source, then mention its source with a backlink to it. Nude images or 18+ images are strictly not allowed.
Content must be interesting, short, crisp, grammatically correct, and plagiarism free. Avoid long paragraphs. You can link your older Webfeed360 posts in the article with proper call-to-action text hyperlinked. Put 3 links maximum.
Tags & Categories
Put relevant tags and categories to the article when you upload it for preview. You can add a Youtube Video, including the snapshots from the video in the content.

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