8 Popular Bollywood Actresses Who Died of AIDS

AIDS is the most common non-curable disorder that has gripped almost the whole world, and it only leads to death. If any person got diagnosed with this disease, he could live for about 9 to 11 Years. Scientists even believe that this illness has its origin in non-human apes that later on somehow got transmitted to the human beings in West Central Asia.

Over the years, it has taken a lot of lives across the world. American people are the most affected by this virus, and this can be due to sharing needles, blood transfer, syringes, water rinse, semen, pre-ejaculate, vaginal fluid, breast milk and other equipment which is used to prepare injection drugs. So, check out the famous celebs which died of AIDS.

1. Nisha Noor

Tamil actress Nisha Kapoor has done many hit films back in 80 s such an Iyer the Great (1990) and Kalyan Agathigal (1986). In fact, she has romanced with superstars Kamaaml Hassan and Rajnikanth. It is said that the producer R. Mohan forced her into prostitution after which she left the Tamil industry.

Over the years, her financial condition went worse, and after a few years, she was spotted outside a Dargah. Nisha was sick, and after being checked by doctors, it is found that she had AIDS for many years and she was not even aware of it. Her condition was so weak that she had ants and worms crawling on her body and in the year 2007, she died at a local hospital in Tamil Nadu.

2. Arther Ashe

Arther is an American professional tennis player who was the first black man who triumphed Wimbledon US open. In spite of being a black player, he also represented US Davis Cup team. He was diagnosed with HIV in the early 1980s after which he founded Arthur Ashe Foundation to battle against AIDS and also educated many people for safe sex. Moreover, he died on 6th February 1993 at the New York hospital.

3. Keith Haring

Keith Allen was an American artist, and social activist and famous for his work ‘‘Crack is Wack’. He was diagnosed with HIV in the year 1987, but this man didn’t let the virus destroy his life. Instead, he chooses to motivate people about this topic with his fantastic work. On 16th February 1990, he took his last breath, and after his demise, famous singer Madonna dedicated a show and also donated cash of the show tickets to the AIDS charity.

4. Eazy-E

People knew Eric Lynn Wright by this stage name ‘Eazy-E’ who was an American rapper. His skill was so excellent that his followers and critics used to call him ‘The Godfather of Gangsta Rap.’ He got admitted to the hospital in LA due to the asthma attack on 24 Feb 1995, but instead of this, he was diagnosed with AIDS. As per the reports, Eric was under a lot of relationships, and he might get this disorder among one of them.

5. Timothy Patrick Murphy

Amercian actor Timothy Patrick left the world at the age of 29 due to HIV. As per the report, he was in a romantic relationship with Brad Davis who was bisexual and because of this, he got infected.

6. Brad Davis

Brad was an American actor and is famous for his fantastic performance in the film ‘Midnight Express.’ In the year 1985, he got diagnosed with HIV, but he hides it from the public. In his autobiography, he also wrote that he never wanted his family to know about his disorder and that’s why he always kept quiet about it. He was frequently taking narcotic drugs even after knowing this disorder. On eight September 1991, Davis died in the surroundings of his buddies and family.

7. Rock Hudson

He was the most famous actor of the golden period of Hollywood. Rocky got diagnosed with HIV on 5th June 1984, and it is said that Hudson got this infection through the transfused blood from an infected donor that he received during his heart operation in 1981. In July 1985, he also declared publically about this sickness, and later on, he died two months later on 2nd Oct 1985.

8. Pedro Pablo Zamora

Pedro was a Cuban American TV personality and AIDS educator. He was the first person who accepted being gay in public. His partner name is Sean Sasser and is famous for his appearance in the reality show of MTV ‘The Real World: San Fransisco’ in which Pablo talked about being a member of HIV and LGBT community. He left the world on 11 Nov 1994 after the final episode of his show.

Just remember that HIV can live in a used needle for about 42 days depending on the temperature and other parameters. Most people with HIV using ART (Antiretroviral Therapy) frequently and who have got vital suppression ( the virus lowered to an undetectable level in the body) are more possibly to transmit the virus to their sexual partners. Thereby, there is still some risk, so even with an undetectable viral load, individuals with HIV and their infected partner must take the necessary steps to lower the risk of transmission.

8 Popular Bollywood Actresses Who Died of AIDS

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