12 Worst Habits Which Could Destroy Your iPhone

There is no doubt that iPhone is one of the greatest innovations of the 21st century. The following tips will help cut back on all the trips to the Apple Store. So, check out the things that you might be doing wrong to your iPhone.

1. Use of Damaged Power Cables

The only thing which suffers more physical abuse than your iPhone is the data cable that you leave on the wall full day in your bedroom. Faulty power cords are deadly for any electronic device as they can insert a negative charge which further leads to the damage to your phone. So, you need to check out the bottoms of your every cord for any tears or lumps. If you spot some exposed wire, immediately buy a new chord as this might help to prevent fatal electrical fires accidents while you sleep.

2. Cleaning the Phone with Household Products

The chemicals present in household cleaning products will ruin coating on the panel of your phone.

3. Keeping it on Constantly

If you keep your phone on for a long time it gets overheated and lead to the system failures. It means that you need to switch it off once in a while when not in use. Just note that the smartphones of Apple are temperature sensitive and if you forget to shut them down in the day, it stresses the battery and shortens its life. So, keep the things run smoothly, you should allow the battery to drain once every month.

4. Maxing Your Storage Space

There is no doubt that the iPhone comes with little storage space. But the main issue is that the device needed an extra amount of space to continue its functioning. So, you need to delete the unnecessary pictures and unused applications out of your phone.

5. Overcharging the Battery

Charging  battery for the entire night can ruin battery power, so you need to take care of this before you sleep. Even if you charge your iPhone after it gets 100% charged, it degrades the battery life. So it’s best that you charge in small quantities.

6. Using Low-cost Power Cords

When you lose your power cord, you look for a local shop to get a cheap cord for charging. But the third party cords can lead to overheating of your phone. Also, the non-Apple power adapters can result in the safety issues like electrocutions and burns.

7. Keeping it Around During Shower

The hot shower generates steam and this can either lead to wear and tear. It can even enter it into the device and cause short-circuiting of  hardware. Another issue you can face is overheating because steam can inflame the surface of your iPhone.

8. Skipping iOS Updates

The pop-up alerts of iOS system upgrades can be annoying sometimes, but you should keep updating your iPhone from time to time as this prevents your device from crashing frequently or slow operation. The latest features will help to boost security, functioning, and performance. So next time, tap the install button, and you will not face any issue.

9. Dropping it Constantly

Just remember that iPhone is still susceptible to damage when it hits the ground even if you have the robust protection case. If you drop it on a daily basis, it will affect internal components and also lead to issues listed above.

10. Ignoring Malware

Yes if you skip malware, your phone can become infected. Be it applications, random WhatsApp messages, or suspicious web domains (porn websites); it can attack the system and unveil the bug programmed to ruin the OS.

11. Keeping too Many Tabs Open

Do you open so many tabs at the same time? If yes, it’s time to change these bad habits as keeping too many things running in the background take up huge RAM and can also lead to performance lag and iOS freezing.

12. Exposing it to Critical Weather Conditions

We are not just saying that you need to keep your phone in your pocket every time you go out, but that means that keeping iPhone under 32 degrees or above 90 degrees can ruin device. Leaving it under the scorching heat of the sun will make it overheat and damage the circuits inside it. However, keeping it out in cold weather will freeze the device.

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12 Worst Habits Which Could Destroy Your iPhone

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