14 World’s Amazing Fountains that Will Rapt You With their Charm

Earth has plenty of breathtaking water fountains which can lure almost anyone which look at them. You can expect such creativity and skill only from the adroit aficionados and architectural geeks who want nothing but work perfection. So, check out the list of enchanting fountains from across the world.

1. Banpo Moonlight Rainbow Fountain (Seoul, South Korea)

It is the longest bridge fountain on the planet earth. This remarkable fountain has about 380 water jets along both the edges of the bridge that shoots nearly 190 tons of water every minute. Drawing the water directly from the river can sprinkle approximately 43 meters horizontally and are programmed to unique music.

2. Swarovski Fountain (Innsbruck, Austria)

Set at Swarovski’s Innsbruck museum entrance, the Swarovski Fountain is similar to the shape of the grass-covered head equipped with two big crystal eyes and a nozzle which sprays water.

3. Bellagio Fountains (Las Vegas, USA)

Set on the human-made lake in front of the Bellagio hotel, the majestic Bellagio displays the choreographed water performances set to unique pieces of light and music.

4. Disney’s Fountain of Nations (Epcot)

The Disney’s Fountain of Nations set in the heart of Future World in Epcot showers around 149,000 gallons of water in the air.

5. Dubai Fountains (United Arab Emirates)

Laying in front of the spectacular skyscraper Burj Khalifa, it extends across the 30-acre lake. This large fountain has five rings of water jets which can shoot water approximately to the height of fifty stories. It has nearly 25 color projectors and 6600 LEDs which work together to showcase the fantastic images.

6. Fountain of Wealth (Singapore)

It has engraved its name in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the world’s largest water fountain. Set outside the Suntec City the shopping mall of Singapore, Fountain of Wealth covers an area of nearly 18683 square kilometers.

7. Magic Fountain of Montjuic (Barcelona, Spain)

Set at the head of Avenida Maria Cristina in Spain’s Montjuïc neighborhood. This amazing fountain deserves a place in the list of jaw-dropping fountains.

8. Metamorphosis Mirror Fountain (USA)

Made by Czech sculptor David Černý, the superb Fountain is 14 ton mirrored water fountain. Set at the Whitehall Technology Park (Charlotte, NC), Metalmorphosis Mirror is built using the stainless steel layers which rotate at 360 degrees and align in the shape of the head sometimes.

9. Tap Fountain (Santa Galdana, Menorca, Spain)

Tap Fountain offers you the impression of a tap hanging the air without any support. This breathtaking fountain is set on the Spanish island of Menorca.

10. The Archibald Fountain (Sydney, Australia)

Adorning beautiful Hyde Park in central Sydney, the design of the breathtaking Archibald Fountain draws inspiration from the Roman and Greek architecture with different mythical beings circling God Apolo.

11. Water Boat Fountain (Valencia, Spain)

The Water Boat is the fantastic fountain which has been designed amazingly to offer an illusion of a sailboat. It uses a lot of jets of water for the appalling effect.

12. Osaka station fountain (Clock, Osaka, Japan)

The mesmerizing fountain in the city of Japan located in the South Gate Building (new Osaka Station City complex) has big rectangular water fountain which showcases the digital style time readout, falling shapes in the collapsing wall of water, and moving floral patterns.

Made by local agency ‘Koei Industry,’ Osaka Station fountain works with a digitally controlled printer that ejects water drops in carefully patterns to generate images that are further stored on a PC.

13. Nine Floating Fountains (Osaka, Japan)

The nine flat fountains are the creations of the landscape architect and Japanese American artist ‘Isamu Noguchi’ for the world expo held in Osaka in 1970. These fantastic fountains look as if they are flying. Even though they fountains were made about 40 years ago, they are still as charming to behold the beauty as they are in the past.

14. Trevi Fountain (Rome, Italy)

This fountain in the Trevi district is made designed by the Italian architect Nicola Salvi and but completed by Pietro Bracci. It stands 26.3 metres (i.e 66 feet) high and 49. 15 meters (i.e 161.3 feet wide). It is the city’s largest Baroque fountain and the world’s most famous fountain. It has also appeared the few famous films including eponymous ‘Three Coins in the Fountain’ and Federico Fellini’s ‘La Dolce Vita.’

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14 World’s Amazing Fountains that Will Rapt You With their Charm

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