12 Best Camping And Survival Hacks Useful To Bypass Any Danger…!!⛺

Staying alive needs identifying the threat, feeling fear, and reacting. Here are the survival hacks you need to know to avoid some accidental deaths. 

If you can remember “The Survival Rule of Three”, it may save your life in any situation.

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1. How To Defend Yourself From Wild Animals!

If you can’t avoid a close fight.

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2. Check out these super cool surviving tips.

Survival hacks

Survival hacks-2

3. Camping hack to blow your mind

Make a long-lasting candle out of an orange. Just use this simple trick.

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4. How to pack for a camping trip and organize your campsite??

Do you know how to pack for a camping trip? Find tips for organizing gear, setting up your campsite and finding the right location.

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5. Tips And Tricks That Can Save Your Life

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6. How to Use Chapstick As a Survival Tool??

Chapstick doesn’t just for protecting your lips but also use it for minor treatment and protection.

a) Starting a Fire

1. Uncap the chapstick container and rub the lip balm onto something flammable like cotton balls, cloth, gauze, lint, or even materials such as bark. and leaves.

2. Then, light the material on fire.


Survival hacks-6 - Copy

The oil present in the chapstick will give your flame and help to burn for a longer time. You can also use Vaseline for this also.

Always include gauze or cotton balls in your survival kit. Together, cotton and lip balm form a powerful fire-starting combination.

b) Healing And Protection

It can also cure minor skin cuts.

Survival hacks-6 - Copy (2)

Rub onto your dry, chapped lips…

Survival hacks-6 - Copy (3)

It can protect your face from the scorching heat of the sun…..

Survival hacks-6 - Copy (4)

c) Waterproof your shoes

Survival hacks-6 - Copy (5)

d) Free the zipper from a tight spot

Chapstick can act as a lubricant that helps you to free the zipper from a tight position.

Survival hacks-6 - Copy (5)

7. What To Do In Dangerous Wildlife Encounters??

This is just a few basic advice and useful tips.

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8. 3 Tips to Stop Someone From Bleeding To Death

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1. If Possible, Raise The Injured Body Part Above the Heart

2. Put the pressure on the wound for at least 15 minutes using cloth.

3. Use Pressure Points

If you press here, it will minimize the blood flow.

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9. When hiking take duct tape

When hiking and backpacking, take duct tape wrapped around your water bottle. It will help you in the case of blisters.

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10. Use this helpful rhyme, if you ever face a bear.

Survival hacks-1211. When crying for help, try and call out specific people.

Survival hacks-13
(“You with the red shirt, help me, I’m being mugged) Instead of (“Help me! I’m being mugged”).

12. Self-defense technique every woman should know

Survival hacks-14

12. Learn sign language

Survival hacks

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Amazing Life Hacks That You Wish You Knew Yesterday

12 Best Camping And Survival Hacks Useful To Bypass Any Danger…!!⛺

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