India Tops Amongst Highest Selfie-Related Deaths In The World

It had been reported that 60 percent of all selfie-related deaths occurred in just two years in India. Approximately, 90 percent of selfie-deaths in India happen near water.

And according to new research between March 2014 and September 2016, India has had the highest number of selfie-related deaths.


But did you even thought that your smiley-faced selfie can be converted into a fatal accident that can even lead to dangerous death?

Selfie-Related Deaths-10

Check out the list of 20 countries where selfie-related deaths (a person dies while trying to take a picture of themselves) have been reported.

Mumbai seems to be a particularly dangerous place for people taking selfies….!!

It’s such a big issue that the Mumbai police are even considering a plan to appoint 15 particularly dangerous locations in the city as ‘selfie-free points’.

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Mumbai issued a new scheme of banning selfies in 16 zones…!!

Following the ban, more ‘warning signs’ were installed and the number of police officers patrolling the selfie death prone areas is increased.

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According to the report, two more people have died while taking selfies on the Mumbai seashore since May 2017, according to Antara news agency.

Only last month, a 17-year-old student drowned in Mumbai after trying to take a selfie on the seafront.

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Priti Pise had been so worried about capturing a selfie on her smartphone that she didn’t notice a huge wave, which crashed onto the seafront and carried her out to sea.

Selfie-Related Deaths-11

Similar dangerous accidents have befallen 21-year-old Meenakshi Priya Rajesh and 18-year-old Tarannum Ansari who drowned in separate incidents in Mumbai while taking selfies.

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A 2016 study by Indraprastha Institute of Information in Delhi and Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania, US unveiled that 76 out of 127 selfie-related deaths happened worldwide occurred in India.

Nearly 25 percent of selfie-related deaths worldwide happened during selfie taken at dangerous heights, like on the edge of mountains, cliffs, and rooftops.

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Women are known to take more selfies than men….!!

Selfie-Related Deaths-6

The study also found that Women take more selfies than men. Men are more likely to take ‘dangerous selfies’ with 75.5 percent of all selfie-related deaths being male.

Selfie-Related Deaths-5

In addition to that, most selfie victims are the people under the age of 24.

List of 20 countries where ‘Selfie-Related Deaths’ have been reported:

Mumbai bans selfies in 16 zones after deaths

1. India – 76
2. Pakistan – 9
3. USA – 8
4. Russia – 6
5. Philippines – 4
6. China – 4
7. Spain – 3
8. Indonesia – 2
9. Portugal – 2
10. Peru – 2
11. Turkey – 2
12. Romania – 1
13. Australia – 1
14. Mexico – 1
15. South Africa – 1
16. Italy – 1
17. Serbia – 1
18. Chile – 1
19. Nepal – 1
20. Hong Kong – 1

Think twice the next time you take a selfie.


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India Tops Amongst Highest Selfie-Related Deaths In The World

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