19 Things to Know Before Travelling to Kuwait

Kuwait is the small country in the Middle East famous for its interesting museums, spectacular beaches, rich culture, and unique architecture. The name Kuwait come from the small gulf set along the coast. It is a conservative country, and a lot of things that are a part of the daily life in the West are illicit in this fascination destination.

So before you visit here, remember the fact that you should respect their local traditions, religion, and laws at all time. You also need to ensure that your actions do not offend their beliefs mainly during Ramadan. As the majority of the people here may be foreigners, so it’s best to learn and know the culture and traditions of Muslims.

1. Weather is Hotter than Hell

The weather in the Middle East region is usually dry and hot due to the big desserts. Since the Kuwait region is made mostly of the sandy Arabian dessert, so the summer season is humid and hot because the temperature can reach up to 50 degrees Celsius and even more. Each location here is fully air-conditioned, and an average person does not spend much time outdoors in summer.

So the best time to travel to Kuwait is in the spring season (between March to May) or during autumn (September to November) because during these months the temperatures are mild and best to enjoy the beaches, seaside brunches, and pool parties. In fact, the winter is as the perfect time as the daytime is warm but the evenings are chilly. December and January are colder as the temperature dips below the 10 degrees Celsius.

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2. Public Nudity is not Accepted

Due to the vast number of expats in the country, the Kuwait people tend to be lenient in the dress code. However, the Arab inhabitants still wear the traditional garb; many Kuwaiti people are seen sometimes wearing Western-style clothing. But many people still think that the garments would not unveil the arms, shoulders, and legs.

The traditional Kuwait dress including the thob (long dress) is still being worn mainly during the festivals. When the ladies are in public, you will always find them with an aba (a black attire covering the whole body). The Bedouin women commonly wear a burqa. Women cover their bodies as well as the hair at all times even on the beach. So avoid wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts while you are in the streets of downtown.

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3. They Treat Women like ‘Gold’

Many ladies avoid visiting Muslim countries because they think that they will lose their fundamental human rights or treated like the second-class citizens in comparison to the males. But it’s totally untrue. Men give priority to the females when they are in public- whether it’s an ATM queue or a supermarket line. Yes, if any man comes in an elevator and if a lady is present there, he has to go out. In fact, there are certain malls here where he makes are now allowed to enter if they are not with their family or wives. So if you think that you will not get any advantage of being a woman, you are wrong.

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4. Totally Safe

Kuwait is a safe city in every way even for the expats. In spite of being geographically located under Iraq, there is no violence on the streets. The life here is peaceful and quiet, so you do not need to fear or worry about anything regarding your safety.

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5. They have the Most Precious Currency in the World

The Kuwaiti dinar has maintained as the top position as being the most expensive currency on the Earth. 1 Kuwaiti dinar (KWD) equals to 243.55 Indian Rupee. The most famous Kuwait dinar exchange rate is INR to KWD rate.

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6. It is Disrespectful to Accept the Refreshments with the Left Hand

Just like in the few Arabian countries, it is considered ‘rude’ to collect the greetings or receive anything with the left hand. The left hand is used mainly for the bathroom duties, so it’s regarded as dirty and insulting. It’s best to use the right hand while eating and drinking.

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7. Say ‘Yes’ Always

If you have invited to the home of an Arab person, it’s considered rude to say no to anything. So once you step inside their home, always try to say ‘Yes’ for any refreshment they serve to you.

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8. You Will Find Falcon Everywhere

The Falcons are the birds that are distributed widely across all the continents of the world except Antarctica. It is also the national bird of Kuwait. You will see the falconry art all over this country. It is initially created thousands of years ago in Mesopotamia, and this tradition continued.

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9. People like Innovation

The Kuwaiti people love to adopt the international trend mainly it is related to technology. The best part is that the expat can access Facebook, Skype, Facetime, and every other social network freely.

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10. Avoid Talking about Politics or Religion

When you are in the Arab home, take off your shoes as soon as you enter. The females will usually be sent to hang out with the other ladies of the house. Also avoid the talk related to any religion, or politics no matter what you think. Another thing that you should avoid is complementing their possessions because the Kuwait tradition says that the person should provide that item to the guest.

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11. They have Strict Laws and Customs

The culture here is conservative because the majority of the people are Muslims. So before heading out to Kuwait, it’s vital to note that pork, homosexuality, heterosexual sex outside of marriage, alcohol, pornography, and cross-dressing are illicit. Furthermore, the holy month of Ramadan is essential. So the local people follow the stringent rules. Eating or sipping water during the daylight hours is banned and the same rule applies to the no Muslims as well.

However, the guests are expected to have fast. Also avoid drinking alcohol, smoke, or chew gum in public. Do not walk on the prayer mat or stare at people when they are praying. It’s best to avoid entering a mosque without permission. If you fail to do all this, you may face huge fines and even jail. So it’s clear that as long as the visitors carry their passports and respect and value their culture, they do not face any issue.

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12. Fine and Imprisonment on What?

The import of alcohol, pork products, pigskin products (like wallets, handbags), narcotics, and any other obscene material can send you behind bars. The drug abuse can result in the massive fine and imprisonment of about five to ten years. Besides this, the travelers are not allowed to enter and click a picture nearby the military, government, industrial, or any other forbidden areas mainly the oil fields. The bouncing of checks is also illegal, and the law does not release the offenders from the custody on bail.

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13. They Follow Strict Traffic Rules

The traffic rules in Kuwait are stringent, so if you get caught in the accident, you could face the hefty fines or even jail. While driving, it’s essential to observe the traffic signals, keep the mobile away, and avoid getting or hit the other vehicles on the road.

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14. Follow Etiquette

Since you are a foreigner, so it’s best to use the full name of whosoever you are speaking to unless told otherwise. You can also use sheikh with the full name of the person. Learn proper opening and closing greetings like As-salamu Alaykum that means ‘peace be upon you.’ If you are talking to a male, shake hands before and after their leaving.

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15. Know the Proper Customary Behavior between Females and Males

Touching females by men is prohibited in the Islamic culture. The males are banned from staring at women mainly when they are wearing the burqa and abaya (traditional Islamic dress). ‘English’ is the widely spoken language in this Arabic country. However many of the English speakers are non-native, and if English is your native language, you can talk slow and clear. It will help the other people understand you better.

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15. Beware of the Sandstorms

This region faces the massive and sudden dust storms. They usually pop out at any time of the year without alerting anyone. These sandstorms can lead to allergies or asthma attacks. So it’s the best idea to carry an umbrella with you everywhere.

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16. Keep Yourself Away from the Animals

Camels are the most common animals in Kuwait. They spit and may even bite you, so avoid going near them. In fact, avoid carrying stray cats with you as they may carry the deadly diseases with them.


17. Gas is Affordable in Comparison to Water

Since Kuwait is the world’s fifth largest oil reserves in this country, so here the gas is cheaper than water.

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18. Wives Do Not Take the Name of the Husband

Yes, the married ladies are not allowed to take their husband’s name.

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19. Never Show the Feet Soles

Showing the feet soles is considered highly offensive. So you need to keep the feet flat on the ground. Also, avoid crossing your legs.

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19 Things to Know Before Travelling to Kuwait

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