Top 8 Unsafe Android Apps You Must Del Immediately!!

In the past few weeks, Google has unveiled Android security 2017 Year in review report (fourth installment of company’s report). Its main aim is to make people aware of the security threats. Besides that, as per the report, nearly 60.3 % of Potentially Harmful Apps were identified via machine learning.

The service designed by Google is known as Google Play protect enabled in approximately 2 billion devices and daily scans Android applications for mischievous activity. The service used few tactics to spot the security threats, but the machine learning has been useful in locating PHAs.

Furthermore, six out of the ten observation was owning to machine learning. Play Protect been running for many years, but in October 2017, this service was optimized to scan for the potentially damaging applications in the offline mode. Thereby, even while the Google reconstructed and rolled out the updates, harmful and privacy-breaching apps continue to harm invariably. So, check out the list of few apps.

1. Good Weather App

As per the ESET blog, the hackers have used this app as a weapon by making it trojan that infects the phone with banking malware trojan “Trojan.Android/Spy.Banker.HU”. after you download this app, the malware lock, unlock, and can read the text messages from your phone. Moreover, this file also accesses the banking details of the user with its command and control server.

Harmful Android Apps-1

2. Draw Something Free

This application is mainly the remote version of the Pictionary which you can play with friends. Apart from entertaining the users, it also includes few advertiser libraries that are the third party bits of code from another android developers which application builders can use allowing advertisers to track you down across any application which includes its library).

Harmful Android Apps-2

Draw Something Free app also uses the ‘read phone status and identity’ permission to give advertiser access to your phone call log, phone number, carrier, signal information and more.

3. Go Locker

This application promises to be more secure lock screen than the built-in screen of your phone as it can access your screen as it needs every permission available for your location to access to your text messages. Although it does not have advertising libraries installed, it does not send the sensitive details of you to the third party application stores that are much less secure than Google Play.

Harmful Android Apps-3

4. Camera360

It is the camera tool that adds camera modes, free cloud storage, real-time touch-ups, facial recognition software, amazing filters, and more features with no ads. Although it has done not have any ad targeting libraries, it collects plenty of information from your device and also includes the built-in of the Baidu search engine. Baidu is the search engine similar to Google and can switch on and off your wifi mode using this application.

Harmful Android Apps-4

5. Clean Master

The Clean Master application and other same apps are not harmful at all. Through, they may be able to correct an app went devil, it is the best to check out your apps carefully so that you can spot exactly which app is causing big trouble.

Harmful Android Apps-5

These applications clear your cache that garners fastly and is excellent to be avoided if they are creating any trouble. Few of the Applications also have adware which can genuinely fix itself into your phone. Even when the ads are not posing any issue, the memory cleaning apps tend to drain the battery and life of your phone with time.

6. My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom is a kid’s game where you are responsible for taking care of the kitten, but it too comes with a privacy breach. This app includes a lurching eight targeted ad libraries and even send the audio to the advertisers via your microphone as Well. It is horrible to think that it a kid’s game.

Harmful Android Apps-6

7. WiFi Apps

A cybersecurity firm Check Point has identified few applications with advertising malware known as ‘LightsOut. These malicious applications generate illicit ad revenue by fooling the users to view and click the ads displayed on the mobile devices. These malicious apps include apps which claim to provide free WiFi Connect, Speed Test, Free WiFi Pro, Network Guard, Master WiFi Key, WiFi Security Master – WiFi Analyzer, and Smart Free WiFi.

Harmful Android Apps-7

8. Flashlight Apps

Check Point has also identified out few flashlight applications that are amongst the most famous methods which the developers use to spread LightsOut. These applications include Brightest Flashlight, Brightest LED Flashlight-Pro, Cool Flashlight, and LED Flashlight.

Harmful Android Apps-8

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Top 8 Unsafe Android Apps You Must Del Immediately!!

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