Is it Dangerous to Put Laptop on the Lap?

Like mobile phones, laptops are vital to the modern humans. But did you know that is it harmful to place the laptop on your lap? Well, just like holding a cell phone closer to your head pose harm, in the same way carrying a laptop so close to the body allow the radiations to flow directly into your body. These electromagnetic fields induce currents within the body at unsafe levels, and it may move into your essential organs.

Many studies have advised that avoid sleeping it close to your belly. It is because the Laptops EMR in different frequencies and the exposure to these harmful rays pose harm to the body. By putting the laptop on the lap for a long time can pose a significant risk to your reproductive organs. It may lower the sperm count in the males and egg production in the females. As per the FCC report revealed in 1996, the laptop needs to be put at least 20 centimeters from the human body. The wireless signals it receives and emits are dangerous.

1. Fertility Issues

Many studies have shown that the men carrying their cell phones on a belt or in their pants pockets have resulted in the big changes in the sperm count in males. The radiations move into the men pelvis and increase the risk of testicular cancer. The way the men sit while using laptop can make the condition even worse. Sitting with knees together or cross-legged traps the heat and can increase the scrotal temperature. Thus the heat produced by the legs and laptop lower fertility.

So spending one or two hours every night on the couch with a computer on your lap hugely affects the health and vitality of the sperm. But if you do this daily, the testicular temperature stays hiked all the time, and there’s not sufficient time for it to go back to normal. Also, laptops do not pose the similar threat to women’s fertility as it does to men’s as female reproductive organs are inside their body and are guarded by the layers of muscle, skin, and different organs.

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2. Cancer Risk

Hot personal computers result in the skin damage as the EMR can change the genetic information and cause skin, testicular, and ovarian cancer.

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3. Back and Neck Pain

Putting laptop to close to your lap may also cause back and neck pain. So, it’s best to avoid its use in the bed. Also, the regular break between your work prevents your body from becoming stiff.

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4. Disturbs Sleeping

The cold artificial light moving from the computer screen suppresses the release of the melatonin (it’s a hormone that regulates the sleep patterns). Thus, if you are facing insomnia, putting your laptop away may help you get a better good night sleep.

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5. Pregnancy Problems

Prolonged use of laptop also poses significant health problems to the pregnant lady like fertility issues, delay in the egg production and even issues in conceiving. Also, it is advised for a pregnant lady to have minimal use of a laptop on their lap or tummy and take extra care of it as it may harm the child and even cause severe dangers like birth defects and congenital problems.

Dangers of putting laptop on lap

6. Leads to Skin Itching and Burning

If you spend a lot of time on your laptop, reading, working, or playing games on the laptop you are prone to the high risk of toasted skin syndrome, laptop thighs, and hot water bottle rash. Due to the long-term exposure of heat, putting laptops next to the skin for a long time can result in the blotchy skin condition or rashes, and later it becomes reticulated erythema.

This condition is called ‘erythema ab igne’ that develops with time depending on how much the laptop is used and how warm the bottom surface becomes. It is usually harmless and resolves automatically once you lower the use of the laptop, but it can leave coarsely reticulated skin pigmentation. The prolonged placement of the personal computer on the thighs leads to the thermal buildup of near about 44 degrees heat to which the skin responds by developing pigmentation and redness.

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The radiations emitted from the laptop are higher than 200 milligauss, and the safe range is less than 0.3. Also if you have read the computer manufacturers manual, it is mentioned “Warning: Do not place on lap.” At present, it’s written on the bottom of your laptop. “Caution: This surface is hot. Avoid any body contact and don’t place it on your lap while it’s running.” So instead of using the laptop for a long time try using the desktop computer whenever possible. You can also buy an external keyboard for your laptop to lower the EMF exposure.

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Is it Dangerous to Put Laptop on the Lap?

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