Top 10 Super Cool Best Internet Hacks That Makes Your Life Easier

The internet is the world’s best invention ever. But do you know all the tricks of the internet? Here are 10 most amazing internet hacks.

10 Most Amazing Internet Hacks:

1. View hidden passwords in the browser

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2. Access everything on your computer 

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3. Convert YouTube Videos To Gif 

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Turn Any YouTube Video Into A GIF By Just Adding “GIF” To The URL.

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4. How to Hack Airport Wi-Fi?

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Next time you’re at the airport try adding 2.jpg to the end of URL and access the Wifi for free.

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5. Learn how to watch age restricted videos on youtube.

Wanna watch age restricted videos on youtube? Here is the trick.
Just replace /watch?v= with ’embed/’ in the URL.

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6. Best youtube trick

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7.  Unexpected Shutdown?? 

Accidentally closed a word file without saving? No autosave either? Wonder if this work didn’t get a chance to save your word document Windows got your back. Get it fixed here.

Trick: Search .asd into file explorer under “my/this pc”. 


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8. Have many online accounts?

Use NameChk to Check Username Availability at Social Networking Sites.

Enter your username at NameChk and within seconds you’ll search over 70 social networks where your username is still available.

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9. Want to buy super cool gadgets and gifts at less price??

On website, you can buy super cool gifts and gadgets for almost no money.

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10. Logging out of Facebook remotely

Ever logged Facebook on a friend’s or family member’s phone and then realized, that you forgot to log out? Don’t worry, there’s a simple trick to log out of your profile remotely.

Just navigate to “Settings” and using the drop-down menu in the right-hand corner of your screen, go to the “Security”, then “when you’re logged in”.

From this screen, you will be able to shut down an open session remotely on whichever device it’s still running on.

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SUPER TIP: Keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10

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Top 10 Super Cool Best Internet Hacks That Makes Your Life Easier

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