12 Best YouTube Hacks Every YouTube Addict Must Know

Approximately 1 billion hours of content are watched on YouTube daily. But did you use YouTube to the maximum? Well, here are some of the useful and best YouTube hacks that you need to know.

As of April 2017, the website is ranked as the second most famous website in the world.

12 YouTube Hacks:

Best YouTube Hacks-20

1. Download YouTube videos

Are you irritated to go through a million “video downloader” websites? So what do you do? Here is the simple answer.

Best YouTube Hacks-1

Just replace “youtube” with “ssyoutube” in the URL and download the youtube video in any quality available.

Best YouTube Hacks-9

2. Bypass age restricted Videos

Best YouTube Hacks-3

Oops unable to watch age restricted videos on youtube. Just try this trick.

Best YouTube Hacks-2

Simply, put “nsfwyoutube” instead of “youtube” to bypass it.

3. Block YouTube Ads

Advertisements sometimes are too much annoying, aren’t they? Well, not anymore now because here we have an awesome trick.

Best YouTube Hacks-4

Just put “youtubeskip” instead of “youtube” in the URL and you can now easily skip out YouTube ads.

Best YouTube Hacks-5

4. To play YouTube Videos infinitely

Just “listenonrepeat” in the place of “youtube” in the URL and the video will play infinitely without your intervention.

Best YouTube Hacks-6

Or put ‘repeat’ between www.youtube and .com.

Best YouTube Hacks-7

5. Get rid of country restrictions

There are some Youtube videos that are limited to one or more countries and are out of bounds for you. So, here we have a simple trick to access them.

Best YouTube Hacks-10

A normal YouTube link looks like:


Now just copy the “xxxx” string of characters and paste it so that your URL looks like this:


Best YouTube Hacks-8

6. Make Youtube videos loading faster

Just right click on the video and go to settings. Then move to the ‘local storage’ scroll bar on right side.

Best YouTube Hacks-11

7. YouTube Video buffering?

Just press the up arrow key and it will start a snake game.

Best YouTube Hacks-12

Or your can just hold the left and up arrow key while pausing or watching a youtube video.

Best YouTube Hacks-13

8. Remix YouTube Videos

DragonTape helps you to remix YouTube Videos into a consistent mixtape. Follow the steps below.

Best YouTube Hacks-14

a) Search for the video clips you want.

b) Drag and drop to set up the play order.

c) Now share the whole playlist with friends via an auto-generated URL or embed code.

Best YouTube Hacks-15

9. Is YouTube video blocked in your region?

The Proxtube extension for Chrome (proxtube.com) will allow you to watch any blocked video from around the world.

Best YouTube Hacks-16

10. Youtube forcing you to sign in?

Just delete everything after the last / until you get to v= and then change to v/.

Best YouTube Hacks-17

11. Control YouTube videos with keyboard shortcuts

Best YouTube Hacks

12. To get music the way you want on Youtube

Best YouTube Hacks-19

Just go to www.youtbe.com/disco and enter your favorite Artists name and YouTube will automatically arrange a playlist based on the uploaded videos of that artist.

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12 Best YouTube Hacks Every YouTube Addict Must Know

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