15 Genius Tech Hacks You’ve Never Heard Of

Sheer genius ideas can make your life better and even saves time. Check out some awesome tech hacks for Your High-Tech Gadgets! This list might change your life completely.

12 Tech hacks:

1. Can’t afford Microsoft Office?

Get “Open Office”, it’s the same thing that is free and has more features.

tech hacks-10

2.Want to download Youtube  Video as an MP3?

After the ‘WWW.’ in the link just put ‘listen to’ in the URL, it will download.

tech hacks-9

3. Want 50% off on Nike shoes?

Get Nike shoes 50% off from the cheapfree50.com website.

tech hacks-8

4. Take selfies using the remote on your earbuds

Use the volume + button on your earbuds to take a selfie.

tech hacks-11

5. Turn lotion bottle into a mobile charger holder

tech hacks

Get directions here

6. Need to hang things with exact holes??

When you need to hang something with the exact holes, just try this. Take a photocopy of the back and use it as a template for drilling holes.

tech hacks-1

7. Not enough ink to print?

Take out your ink cartridge and just put enough water in it to fill the sponge. Then, replace the ink cartridge in the printer and try it again.

tech hacks-3

8. How to take care of your laptop battery?

By charging your laptop battery only up to 80% instead of 100%, you can greatly extend the lifespan of the battery.

tech hacks-15

9. OMG texted the wrong person?

Don’t worry. Just put your phone on airplane mode immediately and once it fails to deliver, delete that message.

tech hacks-12

10. Skip ads while watching a DVD press?

When Watching a DVD press just skip all the crap in the beginning by just ‘stop-stop-play-skip to skip’ and go straight to the film.

tech hacks-13

11. How To Wrap Your Earphones So They Don’t Tangle?

tech hacks-5

12. Make your own earphone buds out of ear plugs to cancel noise better.

tech hacks-6

13. Cassette Case as Phone Stand

Simply use your old tape cases, and just put your iPhone on it.

tech hacks-7

14. “Low ink” or “empty” warning messages??

Got low ink messages even when you know that can’t be possible?? There is an interesting trick that may work on few brands. It will help to squeeze out every last ounce of ink left in it.

tech hacks-2

15. Access blocked websites on your school/work internet

tech hacks-14

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15 Genius Tech Hacks You’ve Never Heard Of

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