Top 18 Silent Relationship Killers that Can Cause Unexpected Damage

Sometimes we stay silent to protect our relationship. But do you know that too much of silence can actually create a big distance between you and your partner? There are some silent killers that could ruin your passion, respect, appreciation, and most importantly love.

1. Jealousy

It is good to act a little bit possessive in a relationship because it makes your partner feel protected and wanted. But overly jealous is deadly and it can ruin your romance.


2. Skipping Challenging Conversations

The most important moments of our life happens when we feel disappointed, hurt, sad, and frustrated. It is not easy to have such conversations with your partner. When the partner starts blaming each other for not sharing their feelings, instead of knowing the reason behind that, the negative emotions begin to collect, and this creates a distance. Sometimes you can’t skip the toughest discussions just because you are feeling uncomfortable or nervous. You must feel free to talk to your partner regarding anything. So to fix this, try the following tricks:

-Accept the negative emotions and discuss them to make your relationship strong
-Admit you negative feelings and show them in a non-blaming manner
-Take immediate action and avoid waiting for your partner to identify it for you.


3. Keeping Quiet

In a relationship, the silent treatment is common when you experience anger, disappointment, anger, and frustration. In some cases, we need some space to clear out our heads and staying silent can’t just help. So you should avoid keeping your mouth shut to get what you desire in a relationship. Instead of ignoring him or her, clearly tell your partner when you need a break from talking. Just remember that you need to talk to meet each other need effectively. The issue will not fix up by keeping quiet.


4. Negative Outlook and Attitude Towards Life

It is not good to be pessimistic about everything. If you do not change yourself, no one wants to stay with you.


5. Exposing your Partner’s Privacy

Making the most intimate matters of your partner private is essential. In many cases, partners start complaining each other about their relationship. Just remember that it is not right to discuss your personal issues with your buddies and family because once you start talking about your personal problems with others, you have invited them to talk about your relationship. It creates huge confusion as well as erodes your trust and confidence in your lover. Therefore, the next time you do it, firstly ask yourself the following questions:

-Is this issue going to end our relationship?
-Did my partner know about this matter?
-Do I want people to think bad about my partner?

So if you get ‘no’ to all questions, do an in-depth chat with your loved one first instead of going to anyone else.


6. Saying I Don’t Care

When you are in a relationship with someone, always show your partner how much you care and love. Try to help him/her when they need you the most.


7. Distraction

It is another silent killer that could ruin your beautiful bond. When spending time with your partner, ensure that you do peep into your phone after a few seconds because it feels that you are not interested in the conversation. Instead, just focus on your love and keep all the distractions away from you.


8. Not Listening

Communication is the most crucial part of any relationship. Thus, you must engage in the in-depth talk with your partner.


9. Immature Arguments

Never say hostile comments when you are arguing with one another. Deal every situation with maturity. It is better to fight like grownups instead of tearing your partner down.


10. Letting Yourself Go

Many of the partners get too comfortable and attached that it ruins the attraction and passion in them. So it’s never too late to revive yourself if you have fallen into a slump.


11. Fail to Applaud

It’s better not to take each other for granted. Just because you have achieved a sense of stability in your bond, it does not mean that you do not appreciate your partner. Make them feel special on the special days of your life.


12. Lack of Independence

It is another culprit for a deteriorating relationship. Sometimes when people get engaged in a long-term relationship, they shun their favorite friends, hobbies, and even job just because their partners do not like and want to spend every moment with you. It is totally wrong because when you do everything together, it creates staleness and even dependence on the other person. Just because you are in a relationship does not mean that you need to spend every second with your partner. Setting a sense of individuality is vital. Give each other space to breathe once in a while. Just note that healthy couples spend some time with each other and have their own interests and identities.


13. Awkward Expectations

Even before we met someone, many of us have specific hopes, desires, and must-haves for our romantic lives. We think that when we become partners, we will meet each other’s expectations. When its’ not met, it leads to huge embarrassment, demoralized, abandoned, and disappointment. Thus, when you are in a relationship, never expect awkward things from each other. It is vital to talk with your partner how you feel.


14. Lacking Curiosity

When you stop asking your partner about how was their day, their feelings, their ideas, it shuts the door to their heart. Curiosity is essential to keep the relationship last long. If you lose it, you face big trouble.


15. Making Assumptions

Many couples assume that their partner is on the same road as we are. But it is not always the case, and you can’t exactly guess what he or she is thinking all the time. Therefore, avoid making any assumption to avoid serious conflict.


16. Possessing Hidden Bitterness

Sometimes one partner stores negative feelings for his or her love over time. But did you know that possessing bitter feelings for several years can be dangerous for your relationship? When you feel angry, jealous, trapped, or something else, it is vital to get the feelings out rather than keeping them hidden inside for a long time because sooner or later they come out with a roaring sound.


17. Not Sharing Your Desires

Many of us feel shy to express our feelings about sex and romantic needs. Feeling unsatisfied sexually can be a significant problem for the couples who love intimacy. When your partner does not speak up the sexual fantasies they have, it slowly converts your good bond into an unhealthy one. Just remember that unfulfilled desires result in low self-confidence, cheating, and resentment. Try to discuss what you need and want sexually.


18. Betrayal

It is another silent killer that could deteriorate your lovely relationship. Cheating comes out due to unmet promises, intentional stinginess among other things, and infidelity. When another partner realizes this, this breaks their trust and shatters them from within. They start experiencing bitterness and frustration.


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Top 18 Silent Relationship Killers that Can Cause Unexpected Damage

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