10 Things that men Should Strictly Avoid to’woo’ her Love

Women can be difficult to understand sometimes. Even if you think that you have unveiled her secret language, you may suddenly feel confused again. At some point in time, if you think that she is making things complex, do not feel bad. The big Communication gap can make dating at the early stages quite frustrating, and in the end, you caught your elf in behaving strangely. So let’s check out the thing you should never do to impress a woman.

1. Never show off about how much you mint

When you meet a female at first, it is understood that she wants a successful, smart working and well-settled man. But there is no need to tell her how much you earn. However, if you are facing challenging times, you can say to her and be honest with her all the time. Many of us have struggled hard at some point, and the right person will understand that fact.

2. Fail to Express your own Thoughts

There is a myth that myth that men should agree with anything a woman says to avoid the fight. But just remember that you should never lose your voice. You also have full right to express your opinions about life. The right women will surely support your perspective. If you skip your views to impress a woman, she won’t be able to understand you fully.

3. Telling About Sex Mastery

Communication between both of the partners is the wonderful way to ensure that each one’s needs are being met well. There is nothing wrong in talking about ‘sex’ or even being proud when your mate gets satisfied. The problem arises when you overshare your past relations because it leaves a negative image in the mind of your partner. So it’s better to avoid flaunting your sexual skills.

4. Buy her Fondness

Gifts are a great way to surprise your partner and show that you care for her. Your partner will surely appreciate the attention, but the cute gestures can go a long way if they come off straight from your heart when it comes to impressing a woman. If she is asking you to pay for her new shoes, high-cost dinner, or loans, then it’s better to leave her as she is taking advantage of your money.

5. Fight with Other Men

Guys are usually too aggressive. Many men fight with other men for no reason just to impress the lady. Protecting her in any situation is a good thing mainly when it’s a bad physical touch. If she is putting you put in competition with other men, including her ex-partner, avoid engaging in those situations because she is playing games to make fun of you.

6. Show Something which you are not in Real

In an attempt to woo the romantic partners, men go extra mile sometimes like look for flattering clothes, puts effort into personal grooming and more. Well, that’s okay. But strictly avoid becoming an entirely different person just to get noticed. Giving up things that you love all time is not a good idea at all.

7. Veiling your Emotions

Things are not same at all the times. Everyone faces happy and worst times at some point in time. There is a myth that real men don’t cry. Not sharing your emotions with your partner can disturb your relationship. It may be hard for you to open to your woman at first, but just tell her about what you feel in reality. Openly discussing your feelings on the diverse different topics and issues help you strengthen your bond of love.

8. Sending a Million of Texts at one Time and Getting Mad when she does not Reply

Sending messages are the best way to tell your lady that you feel insecure about her. But avoid texting too many as it looks desperate and forces her to think that you have nothing valuable in your life like even your career.

9. Confessing Your Love on Facebook

Facebook knows many things about its romantic lives of each of the user. It knows when they are falling in love, and when they are falling out of love. But sharing your feelings on Facebook just to impress your love is a bad idea.

10. Ditching your Family or Friends

When anyone gets into a new relationship, it is common that he might spend less time with his buddies and family. After all, knowing the new person takes time. But if the lady, ask you to dump the needs and happiness of your family, she is not right for you. Stand by the ones that care for you, and if she does not appreciate this, it’s better to leave her right away.

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10 Things that men Should Strictly Avoid to’woo’ her Love

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