What to Gift and Not to Gift this Raksha Bandhan?

Raksha Bandhan is just around the corner, and all of us are preparing it with great zeal. This special occasion celebrates the emotional bond between a sister and brother. This festival has mythological an historical significance and is honored to strengthen the real connection. This Hindu ritual is celebrated on the full moon on Hindu Shravan month. During rakhi, the sister ties a scared tread month wrist of the brother that signifies her love and care for him and also wishes sound health. In contrary to that, the brother promised to guard her always. Moreover, this ritual is not just to celebrate between siblings, but you can even tie rakhi to your closed ones like father, and best buddies. Over the years, you just have given dresses, mobile phones, and cash. So why not try something new this Rakha Bandhan and tell her how precious she is to you.

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Gifts to Strictly Avoid:

1. Chocolate Box or Bars

Every girl love chocolates- whether it’s Cadbury, Nestle, or fancy Toblerone. The flooding of ads out on the TV and the internet has made it a more alluring gift idea for a sister. But the trend of gift wrapping chocolates in the gorgeous boxes is not the best idea anymore.

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2. Perfumes

Every girl wants to make sure that she smells perfect. Moreover, the fact that every girl has a different choice of fragrances, so the deodorants and perfumes seem quite boring one this Raksha Bandhan.

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3. Clothes

Giving clothes like Kurtis, T-shirts, and Tops as a gift is a most common idea. So this time try something different other than filling the wardrobe.

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4. Coffee Mugs

It’s time for the brother to realize that their sisters are now grown up and gifting a coffee mug is not a cool idea.

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Best Gifts:

1. Soft Mermaid Blanket

If your sister love to cuddle and often has a habit of sleeping on a sofa once in a while, then you can make her feel like a princess and make her nap more relaxing with the gorgeous mermaid blanket.

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2. Investment Plan

The tradition of gifting cash is old fashioned. The better idea is to gift long-term investment such as diversified equity mutual fund which not just creates better tax-free returns, but also make a permanent wealth in no time. This amazing gift also let your sister feel that as a brother you are concerned about the financial worries.

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3. Jewelry Organizer

The very first thing which strikes in the mind of a brother is undoubtedly jewelry. Whether she loves modern, Indian, or mix and match of both, your sister is skilled enough to match it with her attire. If she has a lot of jewelry, you can help her organize a broad range of accessories she poses by gifting her storage organizer. It makes sure that all things are recognized well when she gets ready for a party or wedding.

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4. Surprise Trip

It is one of the best ideas to make your lovely sister feel special. There are a lot of travel sites that will help you to plan her trip including MakeMyTrip, GoibiboCleartrip, Yatra, and more.

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5. Gift Vouchers

You can gift the gift vouchers to your beloved sisters as Raksha Bandhan gifts. It makes her feel happy and allow them to select whatever they wish to buy.

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6. Make a Delicious Dessert Recipe

If you are planning to make this day even more special, then make the Shrikhand in Vermicelli Cup Dessert at home rather than buying sweets.

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You Will Need:

a) 200 grams Vermicelli
b) 2 tsp condensed milk
c) 2 tsp butter

For Shrikhand:

a) 1 tsp milk
b)1 cup hung curd
c) Few saffron strands
d) 2 tsp powdered sugar
e) ½ teaspoon cardamom powder

For Garnishing:

a) Pomegranate seeds
b) Chopped pistachios


a) Firstly, take a non-stick pan and melt some butter in it.
b) Now roast the vermicelli on medium heat till it becomes brown.
c) Keep on stirring in between.
d) Once it gets evenly roasted, turn off the flame and add condensed milk in it.
e) Now silicon cup and spread the vermicelli blend in a cup while still hot.
f) Press it slightly using a spoon so that it takes the cup shape.
g) Now keep it in a refrigerator for an hour.
h) The curd in a muslin cloth and keep the bowl under to store the liquid.
i) After one hour, you will get thick cheese.
j) Soak saffron strands in milk and keep it to one side.
k) After an hour, place the hung curd in a bowl and add cardamom powder, powdered sugar, saffron mixed with milk.
l) Mix them well and take out the vermicelli cups from the silicon mold.
m) Now fill the shrikhand into vermicelli cups.
n) Finally, garnish it with pistachios, pomegranate seeds or anything you like.

7. Gym Membership

The gym membership is an excellent idea on Raksha Bandhan to let her feel that you care about her health. It gives her motivations to get rid of laziness. If your sister is fond of yoga or dance, you can even get membership of a Zumba, yoga, aerobics class. These are the wonderful ultimate weight loss regimes that are quite effective.

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8. Movie Tickets

If you sister spends a lot of time watching movies online, then gifting movie tickets is a good idea to make her smile. Buy her favorite movie tickets and let her enjoy.

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9. Smoothie Maker

It will help her make a quick breakfast in the busy mornings. Smoothie maker will serve a fitness purpose and do not even burn a hole in your pocket.

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What to Gift and Not to Gift this Raksha Bandhan?

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