Top 17 Funny Nicknames Of Bollywood Stars That Will Make You ‘Lol’

We have compiled a list of plenty of funny and cute nicknames of various famous personalities of Bollywood industry. However, Karisma, Kareena, and Govinda are renowned by their nicknames, Lolo, Bebo, and Chichi. Let’s glaze at the nicknames of other some other celebs.

1. Aishwarya Rai- Gullu

The Bachchan family bahu and former Miss World have many commendations in her bouquet. While a tulip of Netherland is after she and b-town mainly call her ‘Ash.’ But actually, her nickname is ‘Gullu.’

2. Kangana Ranaut- Arshad

The Bollywood queen is famous for her strong performances, and pure beauty. Although her name is too gorgeous that means ‘bangle’ in Hindi, she is called as ‘Arshad’ (devotion in English) by her family members.

3. Ranbir Kapoor- Raymond

Everybody calls Ranbir Kapoor as ‘Dabbu,’ but the young man has a special name called by her mother, Neetu Singh. She loves calling his beloved son as ‘Raymond’ because she believes that she is a perfect guy.

4. Priyanka Chopra- Mithoo

The former miss world is known by ‘Piggy Chops’ by many of her friends it the Bollywood industry but this name by given by actor Abhishek Bachchan. However, at her home, the bold diva is called as ‘Mithoo’ because she used to copy people when she a child. Plenty of family members also call as ‘mini’ inspired but the popular French actress ‘Mimi Rogers’.

5. Shraddha Kapoor- Chirkoot

Being the new face of Bollywood in the year 2017, this gorgeous and cute actress earned a lot of fame with her sexy dance moves in many of his films like as ABCD2. In fact, his fantastic chemistry and dance in the movie mainly came with easily. All, thanks to the Varun Dhawan because as the co-star and childhood friend who helped her a lot.

Although, while doing romance in the movies, she is called by many nicknames the popular one is given by his real childhood friend Varun who used to call her as ‘Chirkoot.’

6. Sonam Kapoor- Giraffe

The stylish Guru and B-town actress is famous for her remarkable dressing and excellent taste. But she admitted striving hard to lower down by 96 kilograms to become the beautiful diva and she also unveiled her father loves calling her as ‘Giraffe’ because of her such a long height.

7. Karan Johar- Kattu Battu

Being one of the prominent actors of Bollywood, he is quite beloved at home and also in the industry. B-towners called him as ‘KJo.’ And he even confessed in one reality show that people used to call him as ‘Kattu Battu.’

8. Bipasha Basu- Bonnie

Being one of the sexy, charmers, and sizzling beauty, this hot actress is famously known as ‘Bips’ in the film profession. But her close friends and family used to call her as ‘Bonnie’ because she was born bonny (pretty) and healthy.

9. Alia Bhatt- Aloo

The rising star actress of b-town is famous for her famous performances and has become everybody’s favorites. Although her real the name is already too short, her family members still call her ‘Aloo.’ Too shocking isn’t it but this is because she is too cute and has roly-poly cheeks while she is at teen stage.

10. Shilpa Shetty- Babucha

Shilpa has pet name ‘Manya,’ but her mother used to call her ‘honeybunch or ‘Babucha’ due to a lot of affection and love with her.

11. Parineeti Chopra- Tisha

As compared to his elder sister, Parineeti Chopra is referred as ‘pari by plenty of her peer, but her cute nickname is ‘Tisha.’

12. Shahid Kapoor- Sasha

With his outstanding debut in the music video by Aryans, ‘Aankhon Mein Tera Hi Chehra’ the actor turned out to be a fantastic chocolate hero.

And with his remarkable roles like Aditya Kashyap in the film ‘Jab we met’, he made numerous girls go crazy over his chocolaty appearance. But when comes to his nickname, it an obvious contrast but he refuses to owe this. But his mother calls him as ‘Sasha.’

13. Konkona Sen Sharma-Koko

The Bengal beauty is famous for her unconventional roles and power-packed performances. The actress pet name is ‘Koko’ which sound so much similar to her real name.

14. Varun Dhawan- Pappu

Varun’s pet name ‘Pappu’ is opposite to his charming persona. With his super performance in film ABCD, he surely proved that ‘Pappu Can Dance Sala!’.

15. Celina Jaitley- Chinki

Celina is a sexy actress and is famous for many of her applauding performance. This bold and sexy diva of Bollywood town is called as ‘Chinki.’

16. Sushmita Sen- Titu

She is the former Miss universe who made our nation proud by triumphing the prestigious crown. And she is called as ‘Sush’ by the film industry and her peers. But she already has a nickname ‘Titu’ before she jumped into the films.

17. R. Madhavan- Maddy

The Sharma Ji of the film ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ and its series, he is famously known as ‘Maddy.’ Additionally, he is called by the name he played in the film ‘Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein’ (RHTDM).



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Top 17 Funny Nicknames Of Bollywood Stars That Will Make You ‘Lol’

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