9 Signs That Shows Guy Is Crazy In Love Even If He Don’t Say ‘ILU’!!

The way people express their feelings will always be different. However, men show it more via actions rather than the words. So, it is simple to realize whether a guy loves you or playing with your emotions. There are several actions which you can notice in the behavior for your BF which will tell that he is crazy in love with you and can’t think of someone else.

1. Ask your advice

People usually hide if they face any problem in their life rather than sharing it. In fact, your boyfriend loves to ask you what to do in such situation daily. Whether its a family related issue or office related, he will always want to know if you were in his place, what would you do. Thereby, it means that he trusts you wholly and that takes into account your advice. In fact, it also shows that you are the most vital person in his life and thereby he will want to be with you for his entire life.

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2. Curious to know everything about you secretly

Most boys don’t pay attention to a lot of things. Moreover, they are clueless much time. But with you, he is a little bit different. He loves to watch everything about you whether it’s your face, your body, or your hair. Therefore, if you are ordering a salad one day and he says to the waiter: “without dressing please.” Just don’t be shocked but that means he knows you well and notices all these little things about you. Also, he remembers everything that you say every day.

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3. You’re his utmost priority

The guy who truly loves will make you his top priority than anything else. No matter in what the situation you’re, he will not leave you and will do everything that he can do to help you out. In fact, he loves to be with you and thereby, he will not miss any chance to spend the time with you. So, this is the sign that you must note that he is attracted to you. Feel yourself lucky enough as those are hard to find.

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4. Motivates you all the time

Motivation not just makes your life better but also lead you to the path of success. The right man will always support you in everything you want to do. He will do each and everything possible so that you are fully confident, enthusiastic and motivated about your dream. Thereby guy who makes you feel that you are worthless and laughs at your goals, then it’s better to leave him forever. Don’t allow yourself to suffer trouble because of such narrow-minded people.

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5. Hold your hand

If a guy is playing with you, he would never hold your hand or hug you. This kind of signs shows that the guy is in madly love with you and he is not afraid to show this to his family, friends and also in public. And even he is proud to have you, so you must reply his with the kiss on his cheek or with the touch on his arms and hands.

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6. Listens to you everytime

A lot of boys could ignore you when you share anything with them, but the one that is in love with you will always think about your daily life stress and tries to solve them quickly. If one day you ask him something you told him a few months back, he is curious to know how did you handle the whole situation.

It shows that you are always in his mind every day and he can’t leave behind the issues that are troubling you all the time. Choose that guy if you need someone that listens to you.

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7. Feels Proud

The guy attracted to you will always give your lot of compliments and also tell you that you are beautiful even in you are wearing pajamas the entire day. He says you how smart you are and how excellent your work. Also, he loves to talk you about your passion and dreams. These signs show how much he loves you mentally and physically. Well, it surely makes you feel the best and luckiest person in the world.

8. Thinks of you

The real man will always think of you frequently and would do anything to draw your attention. You are the most crucial part of his life, and you are his favorite song that he can’t get out of his head. You are alive in his thought whether he is at work, at home, or taking an exam. If your boyfriend shows these signs, don’t even let him go.

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9. Look into your eyes

The eyes of a guy show much more than his words. If he looks straight into your eyes for a long time and passes on a smile, then it means that he is mad at you and can’t stop thinking about you. So, you should also look him into his eyes and make him realize that you are also in love. If you feel the same way he feels, the guy will know it instantly.

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9 Signs That Shows Guy Is Crazy In Love Even If He Don’t Say ‘ILU’!!

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