19 Sure Shot ‘Signs Of Romance’ That Shows You Are Special To Him!!

Someone has rightly said that ‘ actions speak louder than words”. And this quote is even correct when it comes to the ‘Love.’ Yes, those three words make you feel like you are on the cloud nine unlike any other. The little gestures he performs daily quietly tell his undying love for you. So, check you the signs to know if the man is in the love with you.

1. He helps in your tasks

Yes, he makes himself available to you whenever you ask. Although he hates to wash the dishes, he also hates to see you washing the dirty dishes all alone.

2. He checks on your often

You are always on his mind. He checks up on you just to ensure that you are doing well and this is because he misses you a lot.

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3. He apologizes for the first time even when he is not faulty

The guy in love with you won’t mind saying sorry to you for the first time even when he is not at fault. It does not matter how proud man he may be, the knowledge of what you mean to him makes him kind-hearted and soft.

4. He loves to discuss his wishes with you.

Yes, he loves to share his dream and hopes with you. He reveals his vulnerabilities in you as he recognizes you as the other half of his life.

5. He is gentle with you.

Yes, he does not get angry with you even when he is the angry young man for the whole world.

Signs Of Romance-3

6. He will do everything possible thing he could do to see you happy

He will go out the way for you just to see you cheerful every time. Also, he will never face you any bad situation alone.

7. He is frank and honest with you.

Yes, he loyalty has no bounds when it comes to you.

8. He is extra protective of you.

He is protective and gets jealous of you when you talk with the other guys.

Signs Of Romance-8

9. He knows your likes and dislikes

Remember that your happiness is his happiness. So, the man in love with you knows everything about you and tries out his best to surprise you with amazing things to see you happy.

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10. He looks at you most often.

Yes, he loves to see your beauty as he feels that you are the most beautiful lady on the planet earth. Even with you know you are not going to win the ‘Miss Universe’ title, but his eyes will make you feel that you are the winner already.

11. He never disrespects you.

He never tries to blame you for anything wrong instead he subtly puts his point of view. He always stands in one corner no matter how unreasonable you get.

Signs Of Romance-6

12. He involves you in his plan

Rather than just planning himself, he always tries to involve you and then makes sure that you both implement the plan as a team. Be it the fun otherwise.

13. He does not let the dispute turn ugly.

Yes, he does not ever let the fights or arguments turn ugly. Instead, he tries to cope up with them rationally. He may be irrational sometimes but the fear of losing you clear out his head.

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14. He never tries to get any credit.

He fully understands that there is no math in love, so he never reminds you of his sacrifices and favors even during a fight.

15. He patiently listens to your long hour speech

Yes, he listens to your mindless, boring speech even when he doesn’t like it.

16. He enjoys spending time with you

He loves to remember those silent times you had spent together. Your absence makes his feel incomplete, and it is at the feeling which he can’t put express in words.

Signs Of Romance-5

17. He loves to take selfies with you

He loves taking selfies with you more and more so that he could watch you on the phone in his free time you whenever he misses you and treasures the great memories which you two had made.

18. He tries everything possible to bring a smile to your face.

Your laughter makes him laugh even more. So, when he becomes successful in his mission, he feels that he is the king of your life.

19. You are his top priority.

Yes, he always gives you first choice in everything no matter what commitments may arise.

Signs Of Romance-2

Anybody can copy the love sonnet and paste it n your Facebook wall or on WhatsApp just to show off their feelings for you. But always remember that true love does not come only with just words, but it comes with the actions you make.


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19 Sure Shot ‘Signs Of Romance’ That Shows You Are Special To Him!!

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