Top 15 Feng Shui Gifts To Attract Luck, Joy, and Prosperity!!

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of sculpting the excellent luck via the figurines. It is vital to balance and correct the chi of your home and you can do this by following the Feng Shui Tips to encourage positivity, energy, and flow. So, check out the list of gift items for your friends, loved ones, and family.

1. Lucky Bamboo

This plant is one of the most famous Feng Shui items and is available in two, three, and four layers. It’s effortless to take care of Lucky Bamboo as it can grow in any light. In fact, it is said to lure good chi energy.

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2. Tortoise

Tortoise or turtle is another amazing gift that signifies long life. In fact, it is available in the market in many forms, i.e., resins, metals, glass, mud, wood, crystals, etc. But you have to follow specific rules to place Feng Shui Tortoise in your office or home to bring happiness, prosperity, and life.

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3. Evil Eye

Evil Eye is an old Feng Shui symbol for a cure as it attracts good luck. In fact, it is also used to neutralize evil and negative energy that leaves a significant adverse effect on the family and home. So, the gift your loved one an evil eye key ring or wall hanging to attract positivity to them.

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4. Three Legged Frog

The Three Legged Frog is the best guardian of the family money and safeguards the fortunes as well. In fact, if you want someone with a lot of wealth, gift them this treasure for a lifetime.

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5. Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha is an elegant decoration in many homes, and offices and in fact, this happy looking symbol helps to add a joyful spirit to any place and also creates a positive and vibrant Feng Shui energy.

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6. Chimes

Feng Shui Chimes acts as the fantastic indoor cure when you hung them outside the house. In fact, the half moon shaped, metal and wooden based chimes adorned with metal coins are the best money cure if the family is facing financial loss.

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7. Crystal Lotus

Feng Shui Crystal Lotus has a strong aura of romance, and they attract good luck too for those people who want some love in their life. People used to place them in their home to attract money luck.

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8. Mandarin Ducks

They are the most famous love symbol and acts a perfect gift for the loved one who is hunting for love in life. In fact, Mandarin Ducks are the renowned Feng Shui cure for happy married life and long-lasting enjoyment. But you have to gift them in pairs and also place them in pairs. These beautiful decoration pieces act as a perfect wedding present.

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9. Feng Shui Crystal

They are the best cure for prosperity and wealth. It is said that the eight different sides of the Feng Shui Crystal bring eight different kinds of Blessings. The beautiful glass crystals spheres generate excellent outcome when it comes to money.

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10. Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher helps to drive the evil dreams away. Moreover, this elegant decoration piece comes in varied sizes and also acts a perfect item for decorating bed.

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11. Fountains

They are the ideal present to share with your friend, family, or loved one mainly when they are stressed or need a joy. Feng Shui fountains are soothing and comfortable to take care of. In fact, they are the best way to attract career luck, good health, and wealth.

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12. Rose Quartz Hearts

They are the best gifts to those who want to enhance the relationship luck. In fact, these Rose Quartz Heart crystals attract good energy and chi. It also maintains love relationship well and also possess healing energy for those people who desire for happiness plus want to mend their broken heart. You must put them in the Southwest direction in your home.

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13. Dragon

Dragon is a potent symbol that signifies luck and power. But you have to place this Chinese portrait in the East direction of your living room, and you will get lucky in the short time span.

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14. Dragon Ship

Put this Dragon ship in the inward direction of your living room as it brings prosperity and wealth to your home.

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15. Fuk Luk Sau

They are the Gods of prosperity, wealth and health. So, gift your loved ones Fuk Luk Sau and ask them to put them in the rooms to attract good luck and to drive away the life-threatening disorders. Or ask them to place the portrait in the East corner of the room.

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Top 15 Feng Shui Gifts To Attract Luck, Joy, and Prosperity!!

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