30 Most Common Full Forms I Bet You Did Not Know All

In today’s modern era and fast changing life, every person wants to optimize their time to the maximum while communicating to other people.

We use a lot of commonly used short words in our chat but find we really know the meaning of all. So here we have compiled a list of the most common full forms use in daily life conversation. After reading this, please share it.

Very Important And Useful full forms list:

Full forms-31

1. BMW – Bavarian Motor Works

Full forms

2. OK- All Korrect

Full forms-1

3. LG- Lucky Goldstar

Full forms-2

4. HTC- High Tech Computer

Full forms-3

5. PVR- Priya Village Roadshow

Full forms-4

6. WIPRO- Western India Products

Full forms-5

7. NDTV- New Delhi Television

Full forms-6

8. NOIDA- New Okhla Industrial Development Authority

Full forms-7

9. VIRUS- Vital Information Resources Under Seize

Full forms-8

10. AMUL- Anand Milk Union Limited

Full forms-9

11. ITC- India Tobacco Company

Full forms-10

12. CNN- Cable News Network

Full forms-11

13. BPL- British Physical Laboratories

Full forms-12

14. IELTS- International English Language Testing System

Full forms-13

15. LKG- Lower Kindergarten

Full forms-14

16. OPD- Outpatient Department

Full forms-15

17. TVS- Thirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram

Full forms-16

18. AUDI– Auto Union Deutschland Ingolstadt

Full forms-17

19. BYE- Be with you Everytime

Full forms-18

20. ZIP Code– Zone Improvement Plan Code

Full forms-19

21. ADIDAS- All Day I Dream AboutSports

Full forms-20

22. MDH(Massala)- Mahashian Di Hatti

Full forms-21

23. Vodafone – Voice Data and Fone

Full forms-22

24. Cold- Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease

Full forms-23

25. Google- Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth

Full forms-24

26. YES BANK- Youth Enterprise  Scheme Bank

Full forms-25

27. CVV- Card Verification Value

Full forms-26

28. CFL- Compact Fluorescent Lamp

Full forms-27

29. Yahoo- Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle

Full forms-28

30. B4U – Bollywood for You

Full forms-29


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30 Most Common Full Forms I Bet You Did Not Know All

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