21 Strange But True Indian Laws That Everyone Needs To Know!!

Someone has correctly said that ‘knowledge is power.’ The Indian constitution is the blend of laws from the various constitutions and thereby made to maintain the systematic order in the society we live. So, check out the Indian laws which you might not have known for sure.

1. You will grant rupees forty Lakhs in compensation if your cylinder explodes.

Weird Indian laws-1

2. Any women and kids can walk into any hotel even the five-star ones for getting the glass of water or using the washroom.

Weird Indian laws-2

3. If any police officer denies registering your FIR, he/she can be sentenced to jail for a period of six months to up to one year.

Do remember this next time to file an FIR.

Weird Indian laws-3

4. A pregnant lady can’t be terminated from her job.

If this happens, the employer can be jailed up to three months.

Weird Indian laws-5

5. Did you know if you have been charged one time in a day, any fine after that is excused?

Yes, you can skip the fine by showing the receipt given earlier.

6. A single male can’t adopt a female child.

Weird Indian laws-6

7. Married men can sleep with an unmarried girl or even widow if he gives permission.

8. A female can’t be arrested at night time between 6 PM to 6 AM.

Yes if a woman commits any crime, only a female officer can take her to the police station. Plus, he can deny going with a male officer in between 6:00 PM-6:00 AM. This one is pretty awesome. Isn’t it?

9. While diving if the alcohol level in 100-milliliter blood is more than 30 milligram, the police offer might arrest you.

10. A rape survivor can get herself checked by a doctor without registering an FIR.

Weird Indian laws-8

11. If you find money more than rupees, you can be arrested for the crime by not reporting it.

As per the Treasure Trove Act of 1879, any treasure you spot belongs to the queen. But if it’s less than ten rupees, you can keep it to yourself. In case if it’s if of higher amounts, you have to report to the authorities.

12. It is illicit to get your teeth fixed and ears cleaned by roadside vendors

As per, the chapter V section 49 of Dentist Act of 1948, street dentistry is illicit in India. The same law applies to cleaning ears roadside.

Weird Indian laws-9

13. Suicide is legal, but the attempt is not.

As per the section 309 of IPC, any suicide attempt is punishable under the law. Thereby if you fail in committing suicide, get ready for the imprisonment.

14. Prostitution is not illicit in India, but pimping is.

There are red light areas in some parts of towns and cities in India. You can pay someone for sexual pleasure, and no one can arrest you, but if you approach a pimp or try to pimp someone else, you are in big trouble.

15. Oral sex is illegal.

Anal or oral sex (unnatural sex) is against the laws of nature under the section 377 of IPC. So, think twice the next time before you please your partner.

16. A man can be jailed for adultery.

As per the section 497, a man can be sent behind bars of adultery if reported but this does not imply to the women in India.

17. In Delhi, it is illegal if you fail to alert the authorities by beating drum when locusts attacks.

As per the East Punjab Agriculture Pests, Diseases and Noxious Weeds Act (1949), if the locusts attack the city, but you fail to report it to the nearby authorities by beating the drum, you may be charged with fifty rupees.

18. If a wife or husband denies for sex after marriage, it can be considered as mental cruelty.

It also acts as a valid reason for divorce.

Weird Indian laws-10

19. Live-ins are not illegal in India.

The couples living together for the years are considered as married, and if a child is born, he/she has full right to inherit their property.

20. People doing vulgar acts in public areas may face jail up to three months.

As per the section 294 of IPC, anyone who commits vulgar acts in public regions will be sentenced to three months jail. A goodbye hug and kiss don’t fall into this category.

21. It is illegal for ten plus couples to dance on the same stage together.

As per the Licensing and Controlling Places of Amusement 1960, if more than ten couples are spotted dancing at the same time on the same stage, then you might be in trouble as the law has the power to close the event or lower the number of couples.

Weird Indian laws-11

So, guys don’t forget to share these laws with your loved ones!!

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21 Strange But True Indian Laws That Everyone Needs To Know!!

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