28 Best Feng Shui Tips To Bring Balance And Beauty To Your Living Room!!

Feng Shui in your living room will create a better career, good fortune, and enhanced relationships and you will get a happier home that nourishes and supports your energy well.

Living room focus on all the areas of your family including physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. Check out the tips.

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1. Front door color

Classic Feng Shui advice that the front door color depends on the direction it is facing. Generally green is the best option if you have a house facing east, while blues fits perfect for the southeast-facing home.

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For the north-facing doors, black and dark purple are suggested and red generally works well for a south-facing entrance homes.

2. Room Color

Select neutral colors for coziness like vibrant greens, blues, brown, earthy tones and bright colors. You can sure red for the earth. Dark colors shall be avoided for the decoration as it will bring bad luck to the family.

Tip: Use silver or gold paint to bring formal look.

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3. Use lot of lights and a comfortable rug

Try to have as much as natural light as possible. Halogen bulbs mimic daylight great for when there is a little natural light while tinted bulbs can create a warmer ambiance.

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Tip 1: Use big windows but no heavy curtains.

Tip 2: Add lamps to brighten up dark corners.

living room4. Don’t put too many cushions on a seat

It will make the couch or chair uncomfortable.

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5. The living room should not be higher than your dining area.

It should not be too big or too small.

living room-5

6. Place the largest sofa firmly against a wall

It will get a stability and select chairs with high backs and arms as it will be more protective. It doesn’t need to touch the wall, you can keep 1 or 2 inches distance.

living room-6

Tip 1: Select a sofa with legs to promote energy flow.

Tip 2: Avoid having the sofa chairs that back towards the door. If the front door is not visible, then use a mirror to see the doors.

If the sofa backs the door, your interpersonal relationship will be out of tune and you may easily encounter disputes.

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Tip 3: The seats should be placed in a circular or octagonal shape.

Tip 4: Avoid having mirror behind the Sofa

Tip 5: Cling the storage cabinet to the wall and the sofa shall face the door or TV.

Tip 6: Avoid L shaped sofas.

Tip 7: Avoid windows behind the main sofa.

living room-7

Tip 8: Never place the sofa under a beam

As this brings medical problems.

7. Use room decor

Enhance this area with decor that reflects harmony and calm energy so that it brings peace.

living room-9

It will encourage liveliness so use cut flowers, living plants and light-reflecting mirrors in your design. The circle is a symbol of Yang and dynamic that creates the warm and lively atmosphere.

Tip: It shall be decorated with the circular-shaped decorations, lighting or ceiling.

8. Cut the clutter

Especially the toys of children create a mess. Put them back into the store that is not needed. Remove dried plant leaves and empty the bins.

living room-10

Tip 1: Use built-in storage and shelves wisely.

Tip 2: In small rooms, keep book cases and wall units low.

9. Mirrors

Mirrors create energy so avoid them in a place where you need to relax. if you have it, keep this tips in mind.

Tip 1: Cover your TV screen when not in use else it becomes a sort of mirror.

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Tip 2: Any mirror shouldn’t reflect dirt, clutter, or anything negative.


Tip 3: Avoid placing mirrors in West and South walls.

Tip 4: Make sure you couldn’t see your image in the mirror while you’re standing at any door.

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10. If you’re an introvert, you are more likely to be more comfortable in an individual chair than on a sofa.

11. Palms like Areca and Reed are well appropriate to living rooms.

As they grow well in low-light conditions.

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Tip 1: Put plants in East directions to attract health.

Tip 2: Avoid keeping any plants in North, NE or SW of the living room.

12. Energy Flow

Organize your furniture in such a way that it creates a natural energy flow around the room. For eg: watch out whether water flowing through the room run freely or gets obstructed.

Tip: Make sure you have clear pathways as much as possible.

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13. Use earth colors on the walls and off screen any work area.

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14. Keep doors to other rooms closed.

living room-16

15. Ensure that the tables are clean, near to chairs and more inviting for people to sit.

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16. Locate a fire place in South

Woden fires are welcoming and can give a natural focal point within your room.

Tip 1: Avoid fire place in North, NW, West, and SE.

Tip 2: Have a fireplace in the south west as it brings more romance into your married or love life.

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17. Put aquarium in the North

It brings wealth and auspicious opportunities.

Tip: Avoid aquarium or anything that symbolizes water in South, NW or West.

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18. Paintings

Hang images or posters that are lively and positive. Avoid beast paintings or that depicts negative emotions like a tiger, eagle.

Instead use pictures of flowers, plants, smiling faces, pleasant landscape or horses, white cranes, fishes, birds and other auspicious animals.

living room-20

Tip 1: Never make the beast heading inward otherwise you will bring accidental disasters to your family and you will be threatened too.

Tip 2: A family picture in a metal frame on West all brings luck.

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Tip 3: If there’s a beautiful landscape outside your home, just hang a mirror in such a way that it reflects it. This will bring in the positive Qi energy.

Tip 4: Avoid stormy or rough sea paintings as they signify struggle.

living room-22


19. Should be in the center of the house

It shall be in the center of the house and in case a bedroom is transformed from a part of a spacious living room, it will be the worst one.

living room-23

20. Avoid knife and sword

Sharp objects like sword, knife, animal specimens and firearm shall not be hung on the wall as they will produce Yin and lead to violence. Also, the angular decoration or table lamp shall be avoided.

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21. Layout should be square or rectangle

The overall layout shall be a rectangle or a square instead than the irregular or polygonal spatial pattern.

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The square layout will boost your luck related to wealth and blessing and also make the infinite positive energy to stay in the home.

22. Avoid Beams

The beam will bring you bad luck, pressure, and nervousness.

Tip: If the living room has a spanning beam, cover the ceiling with decorations.

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23. Avoid Uneven Floor

The living room floor shall be even. It shall be flat and avoid too many stairs or high and low partitions. As this kind of design makes the family luck full of ups and downs.

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24. Avoid worn out antiques, furniture or Debris

The living room shall not have antiques, sundries, or furniture as it will influence your family health leading to blocked Qi-blood, unsmooth and strange things and poor health.

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25. Wealth Direction

Pay special attention to the wealth area which is generally at the oblique 45℃ position facing the living room as soon as you enter the door. The wealth direction shall be peaceful.

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Tip: Avoid audio equipment, water dispenser, and other shaking items as it will affect your wealth and you will suffer from the financial loss.

26. Place a bowl with coins, crystals, and various wealth symbols on a coffee table.

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27. Put two Foo Dogs on either side outside the main door, as if guarding your home.

living room-33

28. Make sure you don’t have a door directly facing the door of your living room.

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If things are not going well in your life, look in the living room if the 5 elements are present. You can easily make this happen by using candles on a silver tray.

Use the colors of all the elements like red for fire, blue for water, green for wood, silver or white for metal, green for wood and yellow for earth elements.

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28 Best Feng Shui Tips To Bring Balance And Beauty To Your Living Room!!

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