Italian Accessories for Leather and Jeans at Wholesale

Moro Minuterie is located in Padua. It works with professionals specialized in the metal-mechanical sector with extensive experience, which guarantee the highest level of demand and quality in the services offered by Moromin.

We offer a wide selection of accessories for footwear, leather goods and clothing. Many other like eyelets, rivets, studs, hooks, jeans rivets buckles, loops and buttons, to get to decorative items and studs, with clean and elegant lines, the products’ range meets every need. We are able to cover the different processes required by the industry, from engineering to metal trimmings.

Garment rivets

It should first be noted that this is a garment rivets and that, according to Wikipedia, this cylindrical rod equipped with a “head” and a flattened end “is an element of assembly and permanent fixation”. Why a piece that seems to belong to the world of DIY on jeans? Let’s leave Tracey Panek, historian of the brand Levi’s that paper eyelets during a recent visit to Padua, we answer: “In the early 1870s, Levi Strauss was working with a man (the American tailor Jacob Davis, ed) who had the idea to add a small piece of metal in denim where work pants were under a lot of tension and could tear.

In particular, the pockets or the hands enter and leave permanently. With these pieces, you make the pants really resistant. The idea was so well received and the pants were so resistant that Levi Strauss decided to patent the idea with his tailor May 20, 1873. This is the date of birth of blue jeans” Interesting anecdote, the first jeans also had a brass eyelets for canvas at the base of the fly, at the level of the fork of the pants, but this one was removed because of saving of raw materials to meet the war effort.


We specialize in the production of sandal buckles. We manufacture elements that add significant style value to the piece of footwear, but also play a fundamental role in the comfort and ease sensation it gives to the person wearing it. Not only do we make pieces that make sandals pretty and comfortable, we are also experts in the manufacture of buckles for safety footwear. We design and make buckles that will guarantee workers the chance to do their job in the best conditions and the highest level of safety possible. This line of products is especially appreciated in the Indian market, where we are also present.

A man’s belt and buckle do more than just hold his pants. They also make a fashion statement and even a comment on the man himself. There is a belt and buckle for every occasion except the most formal one. Men’s evening wear (also known as “white tie”, “top hat and tail” or “morning dress”) and a semi-formal outfit (AKA “black tie,” tuxedo or dinner jacket) are not worn with a belt – and indeed, has no belt buckles at all – but with suspenders. On all other occasions, a carefully selected belt buckle is an integral part of a whole man.


Riveting pressure buttons are better known as snaps. It treats of a very reliable union of several pieces, that for his assurance to the material use manual or pneumatic presses. First, we must drill the textile material to which we want to secure the button. If pneumatic pressing is to be used for riveting, it is not necessary to make holes.

Where to find the eyelets, rivets, studs, hook, jeans rivets buckles offer at the best price? In the Moro Minuterie of course! With prices at today’s low June 2018, how not to fall for our new selection? At each visit, find good incredible plans and promotions on the best quality of this universe Buttons – Hooks – Studs. What site offers the best quality/price ratio for your purchase of metal accessories? Undoubtedly, who with its offer Moro Minuterie Button for Jacket, Jeans, Washed Coats made more than ever the part with the savings. Join a broad community of customers who trust us every day. Discover their many opinions left on the new product catalog of June 2018. Like them, take advantage of the guarantees and delivery methods offered by us on our website.

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Italian Accessories for Leather and Jeans at Wholesale

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