Awesome Gardening Hacks that You Need to Try Right Now

Gardening is so much fun for some people because it let the people relax and also connect with nature. With just a little effort and at a low cost, you can turn your garden into perfection with the amazing gardening hacks.

1. Use Cinnamon Powder on Seedlings to Curb out Diseases

The anti-fungal properties of the cinnamon and its strong smell prevent the diseases on the seedlings.

2. Easy Watering Hack

Use an old plastic milk jug and change your old watering idea. Take the jug and heat up a needle. Now poke the holes in the lid so that the water flows via it freely.

3. Get rid of pests with coffee grounds

Coffee grounds keep the pests like ants, snails, and slugs away from the plants.

4. Use the Citrus Peel to Start Seeds

Just dig a hole in the base of the peel for drainage. Fill it with potting soil, then sow the seeds and sprinkle water on it. When the seedling gets ready, plant it in the garden or a container with the peel. The peel helps to decompose and nourishes the young plant as it grows.

5. Use Powerful Insect Anti-Repellent Herbs

Control the mosquitoes and flies around your home by planting these plants.

6. Kill Weeds with Vinegar

Kill those pesky plants in your garden with white vinegar. Simply take the vinegar and add one cup salt or rock salt to it. Then add lemon juice and dish soap to it. Finally, spray it on the weeds.

7. Save your Plants with Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can be quite beneficial to your plants because it saves the plants from the fungal disorders and rotting. It let the new plants sprout seeds. Just take 3% of this solution in a day and sprinkle it on the seeds every time you think your plant needs moisture. You can even use one part hydrogen peroxide to 32 parts to enhance the roots of your plants.

8. Place Eggshells to Drive Pests Away

It is another excellent way to guard your plants against pests. Roughly crumbled eggshells act as a protective barrier against the soft-bodied garden such as slugs and snails that mainly that eat your plants.

9. Keep Plants Watered for Several Days with Paper Towels

If you’re planning a vacation, Oh, do not worry! You can keep your indoor plants watered and keep them alive with this fabulous garden trick. Just roll up some paper towels a tight as you can without breaking them. Now immerse the ends in the glass of water and put it across the soil. Also, make sure that each plant is at least a few inches away.

10. Put Coffee Filters in Flower Pots

This trick will help you when you re-pot the plant the next time. By using the coffee filter, it can keep the soil where it belongs. Lining the pot keeps the drainage holes in the base free from the blocking.

11. Use Honey to Promote Cuttings

Honey possesses enzymes that promote root growth. You can even use it as a Rooting Hormone. It keeps the plant cuttings and also saves them from fungal issues.

12. Use Diapers to Enhance the Moisture -Retaining Ability

Put diaper in the base of the potted plant to retain its moisture for a long time. This hack is beneficial for hanging baskets, shallow pots and mainly if you live in a hot climate.

13. Use Epsom Salt when Transplanting

While planting the new plants or seedlings, dig a hole and put 1 tbsp Epsom salt in it. After that, cover it with a thin layer of dirt and place the plant in that hole.

14. Use Cooking Water for Fertilizing Plants

When you boil the eggs or steam the veggies, do not drain the water in the kitchen sink. Instead, cool it and then use it in your plants.

15. Suffocate the Weeds with Newspapers

Before putting a layer of manure on your planting bed, cover the garden bed with news papers to choke the weeds.

16. Check Soil PH Level with Vinegar and Baking Soda

Yes, you can check the soil pH level at your home. If the vinegar and soil blend form bubble then it is alkaline. On the other hand, if the baking soda and soil blend form bubbles, the soil is acidic in nature.

17. Use a Ladder Plant Stand to get More Space

Buying a ladder plant stand is an amazing idea to create more space in your home garden.

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Awesome Gardening Hacks that You Need to Try Right Now

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