20 Easy Feng Shui Tips To Cut Out Negative Energy From Your Home!!

Feng shui elements will balance out the bad energy with the good. So get ready to remove all the negative energies from your home and make your space rock.

1. Smudging with white sage

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Tip 1: 

a) Leave the bundle of sage outside to burn itself out, and then bury it in your back yard.

b) Stay outside your house for a while and let the energies of the house reboot.

c) After 5 minutes, go back into the house.

Tip 2: 

negative energy-1

2. Burn incense after burning sage

Pine and Sandalwood incense are the two best incenses for cleaning out negativity.

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3. Salt

Tip 1: Pour salt into the 4 corners of your room and leave it for 48 hours.

It will absorb all the negative energy of previous owners if you have just moved in.

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Tip 2: Take a sea salt bath for about 20 minutes.


a) Add 2 to 4 cups of sea salt.

b) Add few drops of your favorite essential oil or an orange peel rings to a full bath.

c) Let yourself soak.

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Tip 3: Place a bowl filled with sea salt in each corner of the house.

Note: Make sure that if faces the northeast and southwest directions. The salt bowls should be left in an open space and not placed in a cupboard. It should be replaced every two months.

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4. Carry 3 pennies in a black cloth to remove all the negativity.

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5. Black pepper

Black pepper is related with the Feng Shui fire element.It will cleanse and protect your home from negative energy, and if sprinkled after someone when they leave your home, together they will prevent that person from returning.

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Tip 1: Burn black pepper to rid your home of negative energies prior to using sage.

Tip 2: Mixed Black pepper with salt and scatter it around your home.

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Tip 3: Carry black pepper corns with you as a charm to free your mind of jealousy.

It removes bad spirits and negative energy from your home immediately and can be useful when you feel depressed, unwell, resentful after you have felt a negative presence in your home.

6. Sweep and clean the front door, windows, and doorknobs into your home.

Your entrances and windows act as an entrance for energy to enter your home from the outside. It will keep the positive, clean energy enter your home by keeping these areas well purified for maintaining a healthy energetic environment.

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a) Fill up a bucket of water, and add the juice of 5 lemons, 1 cup of salt, 1/4 cup of ammonia or white vinegar.

b) And then wipe doorknobs with this solution.

c) After that pour sea salt in your entrances.

d) Cover it with a doormat.

Note: Don’t forget to wear gloves.

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7. Open windows and shades to flood your rooms with fresh air and light.

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8. Ring a bell three times in every corner of the room.

It will break any stagnant energy. Walk through your home with ringing a bell, singing bowl or chime to get rid of negativity from dwelling in your space.

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9. Always close toilet lids

This helps minimize chi being carried away by the drains.

Tip: Keep the bathroom door closed at every time and hang a full-length mirror on the inside of the door.

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10. Paint yellow color to your walls

Colour plays an important role in your home. Yellow neutralizes bad energy.

negative energy-15

11. Put a piece of selenite to your windowsills.

Selenite has perennially charged nature which will raise and clear the vibration of your home to a higher level.

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12. Avoid sharp angles and edges around home

Remove sharp corners as possible.

Tip 1: Use round lamp shades or decorate with circular objects like jewelry boxed, vases and round tables. It will bring positive energy into your home.

Tip 2: Remove plants with pointed or sharp leaves.

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13. Add more mirrors

Mirrors will bring more positive energy into your home and cleanse your mind.

Tip: Put mirrors around your home but not with sharp edges.

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14. Remove Clutter

A dirty untidy home creates stagnant energy and it is the main cause of trapped energy that blocks the good natural energy flow.

Like air, energy moves through your home, but if your home is cluttered, it can’t move freely and becomes trapped.

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Stagnant Energy Culprits:

a) Dirty dishes stacked in a sink
b) Dust
c) Cobwebs
d) Dirty clothes piles on the floor
e) Pet hair or fur
f) Debris tracked in from outside
g) Antiques and old stuff like old books, clothes, and furniture
h) Worn out equipment
i) Appliances not in use
j) Broken fixtures, doors or locks
k) Non-working faucets and drains
l) Any leaks
m) Dead flowers
n) Dried floral arrangements

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15. Blocked Pathways

Are you blocking your entryways with furniture or other objects? Other blocked pathway can be windows.

If the bed can be placed in front of a window, it can interfere with energy moving in and out of the room which can lead to disturbed sleep.

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16. Water

Water is a good element to have in your house but not good to be placed where you sleep.

Tip: Leave a bowl of water with rose petals in the living room to balance out the yin and yang.

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17. Loud noises

Loud noises break up energy patterns and allow them to scatter around your home.

Tip: Play high vibration music and clap loudly 10 to 30 times while you go around the house.

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18. Make your bed each morning

negative energy-24

19. Rearrange the furniture

Arrange your space as much wide open space as possible to allow any negative energy to get out. Rearranging your furniture will cause this negative energy to vanish.

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20. Spray orange essential oil

Not only it helps to clear out the negative energy away for, your home but it uplifts your mood too.

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Herbs or Plants Best At Deflecting Negative Energy

negative energy

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20 Easy Feng Shui Tips To Cut Out Negative Energy From Your Home!!

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