14 Do’s and Dont’s To Have Good Feng Shui In Your Kitchen


The kitchen is the top Feng Shui priority, as it is considered as the heart of home since ancient times. Follow these simple feng shui tips.

1. How to Feng Shui Your Kitchen?

Your kitchen controls the flow of happiness and nourishment to your family. 


a) Color

Use a warm accent color like yellow to promote warmth and socialization during meal preparation. Yellow suits if you eat breakfast there as it creates a happy and sunny way to begin your day.


Moreover, according to Feng Shui, it is good for digestion. You can pick this color as vibrant and strong as “squash yellow or as light as “butter yellow”.

Tip: Use yellow, orange, red, rose or chocolate in your floor and wall colors.


b) Repair all leaking faucets and taps.

c) Keep 1-2 feet distance between stove and refrigerator.

d) Place a dining table in West or North-West of the kitchen (if it is huge).

e) How to Feng Shui Salt Cleanse the Kitchen


e) Keep light weight things in North or East of the kitchen.

f) Countertops

Remove unnecessary gadgets to keep your countertops clutter free.

2. Design Tips

a) Try to place the kitchen towards the back door of the home.

b) You can have windows in West or East walls of the kitchen.

c) Keep the gas stove or burner a few inches away from the wall.

Kitchen - 1

d) You can have a sink in North-East or North of the kitchen.

e) Spider plants are helpful in preventing poisonous gases and other airborne impurities.

You can use other plants to attract Good Feng shui.


3. Basics of Feng Shui 

a) Attract positive energy

Tip: Layer few types of light fixtures.


b) Make sure not to have the entrance of kitchen in any corners.

c) Grow a fresh herb garden on your windowsill and make sure that your space is filled with natural light.

4. Kitchen Measurements Cheat Sheet


5. Best Cure for a Kitchen Facing the Bathroom

As you know that it is not considered good. When you have two opposite doors facing each other, the energy flows faster in and out of the spaces protected by doors.


a) Always keep the bathroom door closed

This will keep its energies from spreading into the entire home and especially in the kitchen.

b) Place a tall plant or bamboo curtain and divider screen.

In the case you have an open entryway or doors having glass, you can define the boundary between your bathroom and kitchen by this tip.

c) Use unique colors on the two opposite walls of bathroom and kitchen door.

This will separate two areas.

d) Make sure to clean your bathroom always i.e it should have a good Feng Shui Energy.


6. Remove medicines

Keeping medicines inside the kitchen will attract negative energies.


7. Feng Shui tips for small kitchen

a) Smart lighting

Just make sure not to limit yourself to one boring, energy draining typical ceiling fixture. With a small one, smart lighting becomes essential.


Tip: Try different levels of lighting i.e at least 2 to 3 layers are recommended.

b) Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the best feng shui cures for small spaces.

Tip: Place a mirror in such a way that it visually expands the space and brings in more light.


8. Stove Directions

As the stove signifies Feng Shui ‘fire’ element, it is best to have it in a kitchen location that is not damaged or compatible with its fire energy.


Tip: The ideal direction is South and southwest for the placement of oven.

Note: The stove should not be placed opposite to the sink.

9. Keep a vase fresh flowers

Fresh flowers will bring beautiful uplifting energy. Place a bowl with fruits, or a living plant on your windowsill or table.


10. Keep at least 1 to 2 feet distance between sink and stove/burner

Tip 1: If you can’t do it then place small plants or pot of herbs or something in green color between sink and stove.

Tip 2: Or place a green color decorative glass panel between stove and sink.


11. Stove Guide

a) Clean your stovetops

As it represents your health and financial life.

b) Always avoid keeping gas stove under a beam

If there’s no option left then use these tips.


Tip 1: Make a false ceiling. 

Tip 2: Place or hang images of clouds, a rising hot air balloon or flying birds on the beam.


c) Never ever place gas stove or burner in North-West of the kitchen.

d) Never place a mirror behind the stove.


12. Cooking directions


a) Never face west while cooking

As this may and in many cases results in severe health problems.

Tip: Face east while cooking.

b) Avoid facing south

While cooking if you are facing this direction, then the family faces monetary losses. So avoid it.


c) Avoid facing back towards the door of kitchen while cooking

If you have no option left, then use this tip.

Tip: Place a mirror in such a way that the cook can see the kitchen’s door while cooking.


Note: Make sure that the flames of the stove aren’t reflected in that mirror.

13. Never have a kitchen in North-West of home

If there’s no option then you can try this.

Tip: Paint it in a black or blue color or change the floor tiles to black color.


14. Avoid kitchen door near or facing the main door, at the center, directly under a bedroom, or toilet of your home.

If you’ve no option then try this.

Tip: Place a sort of screen or a partition in such that the stove isn’t visible from other doors.


SPECIAL TIP: Kitchen interior design hacks



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14 Do’s and Dont’s To Have Good Feng Shui In Your Kitchen

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