7 Worst Home Lighting Mistakes You Must Avoid

Lighting is often misunderstood element while caring and designing for the home. It is because lighting can and must have much more to do with decor than just illuminating a space. People install the lighting in their homes without identifying that it has a place in home security besides making the room romantic, cozy, and uplifting.

1. You Don’t Possess Accent Lighting

Yes, good lighting is much more than the background lighting. It is vital to use multiple sources of light to enhance the room beauty. To accomplish this, you can add an accent or task lighting to your room. Accent lighting brings out the focal points in the room like as artwork or architecture. And the task lighting could be a lamp set by reading chair or desk just to give concentrated light to a tiny workspace. Mixed with the usual overhead lighting, these extra sources of light create coziness and warmth in the room.

2. You Skip Using Dimmer Lights

Dimmer switches help you to cater the varied lighting demands whether that’s is creating a romantic atmosphere or lighting up the room for the party. Not just the dimmers provide the customization for your lighting requirements, but they also save energy when you don’t always have the lighting on the full blast.

3. Your Paint Does Not Match With Your Lighting

Your bedroom is a warm and comfortable place where it needs ultra-fine lighting than the kitchen. People usually overlook the color choices for the room and pick what they feel is right. But they forget that dark-colored walls absorb lights while the bright ones reflect light. So if you desire for a cave-like and dark bedroom, white walls are not the best option to consider. But if you want to make the most of the bright lights in your kitchen, white walls fit correctly there.

4. You Fool Your Plants in Making Them Think Its Day Light

The type of lighting you use to immunize your fantastic patio and arbor needs to be pointed downward to accent the arbor and not just be so much intense as to make the plants thing that it is daytime. Remember that plants do need sleep.

So you need to consider colorful lights which tone down the light intensity and also highlight more subtly. Also, it is not vital to accent every tree and bush in the yard. Keep the number of amenities you accent to a minimum as this will save your money and also lower the light pollution.

5. You Skip to Lighten Your Driveways, Paths, and Walkways

It is vital to lighten your walkways for security purposes including the paths and driveway too. So if you wish to save extra money, you can quickly highlight the walkways by a series of low intensity, decorative, and lightweight solar lamps which are put strategically along the walkway.

They need no wiring, and they turn on automatically at night and also switch off with the sunrise. So it is vital to light the entrance to a garage but not with the lights that make the drivers blind. For this, you can program the motion sensor lights pointed down at the garage door as the car enters and shuts down after a couple of minutes.

6. You Are Not Using Lights for Protection

For extra protection your home, you can use separate controls for each region of your yard along with the lights and timer which switch off with the sunrise as this will save your energy and money too. Also, the electrical timer can also add the extra layer of security by allowing the lights to turn on and turn when no one is at home. You can also install motion-sensor lights to detect if there is someone is present on your property or not.

But, you have to keep note that these lights also recognize raccoons, but the excellent feature of this is that they can turn off after some time.

7. Installing Only One Light Sources

It is the most common mistake that most people make. Installing only just a few light sources will leave few areas dark. It also hinders to light up all working regions well which are very important in the kitchen. So to balance out the lights in the kitchen, you need to use the best idea is to use three layers of lighting such as task lengths, ambient, and accent. When you lit all of them, they will offer the best illumination.

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7 Worst Home Lighting Mistakes You Must Avoid

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