Know How Last Digit Of Your Birth Year Can Decode Your Persona!!

Your birth year has a lot of importance and as per the Chinese calendar, the last digit of the birth years unveils many things about your personality.

Each number ranges from 1 to 9 signifies five essential elements of Feng Shui, i.e., fire, earth, metal, wood, and water. Similar to the zodiac signs, these elements also indicate your being.


If the last digit is 0 or 1, the metal controls you that mean you can inherit the features of it, i.e., flexibility, the requirement of personal space and better concentration. You are mostly reserved and might emerge showy and sophisticated to other people. You are boldly independent and don’t greet the unwanted advice. In fact, you love to provide help to other people, but you never ask for your own.

People honor you a lot for how you are, and you are possible to become successful due to your ambitious nature. You desire to be in an expensive space and want the admiration of public but also want your privacy at every cost. You find your way carefully and dislike when someone shows kindness towards you.

Last Digit Of Your Birth Year-1

Due to your serious and stubborn nature weakness comes to you In case of a relationship. And if your partner fails to accept your ways or doesn’t support you, the romantic relationship could also end. Moreover, you demand many things from your soulmate.

2. (2-3)-Water

Water signifies adaptability and volatility. You have sensitive, creative, intuitive and emphatic nature. You have natural ability to mold other people’s thoughts via conversations. Moreover, you make for a controlling partner and without being frankly dominating.

Last Digit Of Your Birth Year-2

You have calming and excellent abilities like that of a flowing river and via appreciation can make everyone feel good around you about themselves. So, this makes you a loveable and loyal person.

Your lousy mark is that you always try to do good to others that may often make you disheartened, indecisive, and reserved. So you just need to make sure that your partner doesn’t make misuse of your tolerance level in a relationship.

3. (4-5)-Wood

Wood is the potent part of a tree that holds it for many years for almost decades making it robust enough to stand all the catastrophes and weather conditions while it blooms. Similar to that, the wood element signifies progress and growth. You grow richer with proficiency and extensive knowledge. You have an active, social, dynamic and an optimistic persona that remains so even during the difficult times.

Last Digit Of Your Birth Year-3

You prove to be the best decision maker professionally and also a good organizer. In fact, you maintain good relations with your friends and colleagues as you are open-minded and show your care. You want the development and growth in future, and you are so much confident about yourself plus protective too about your loved ones. You give a lot of value to the relationships, and you tend to give your 100% to your romantic venture.

Your only weakness is that you overwork but remain behind the scenes allowing others to take credit. In fact, it is better to be alone in a mob of million than to be lost in the crowd.

4. (6-7)-Fire

Fire signifies action and passion. People who have the last digit as 6 or 7 are more adventurous, restless, competitive, impulsive and robust. In fact, you love the art of seduction or show affection to your beloved. You enjoy relationships sincerely with your heart, and in your professional life, you are a good leader, encouraged by the desire to become successful.

Last Digit Of Your Birth Year-4

You lure people towards you via your actions and dominant personality and are always blooming with your ideas. Your only weakness is that you want everything instantly and lose your temper quickly. You also become stressed as you have a low tolerance level.

5. (8-9)-Earth

Earth (Ground) gives life to the living beings and everyone else on this planet stability that means trust, firmness, and security. You are attentive, patient, and wise person who aim for the perfection, with a clear mind, you are the best advisor to many people. You have great wisdom that allows others to come to you and you are highly responsible and self-sacrificing too.

Last Digit Of Your Birth Year-5

Grounded nature, Loyalty, acceptability, and prudence define you well. You grow in the business and are more logical in decision making without beings controlled by the emotions. You love being in control of your life and don’t like an unexpected alteration.

You are careful and alert when it comes to relationships as you hate to be cheated. Once you begin trusting a person, he/she becomes a vital part of your life forever. Your weakest part is that you want to control everything in life and depend on the logic a little bit without really being attentive to your intuitions. You fear changes, and you need to let go and let life resolve that it has for you.



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Know How Last Digit Of Your Birth Year Can Decode Your Persona!!

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