13 Haunted Places In Delhi that you Should not Visit Alone

Delhi (capital of India) is a paradise for history lovers, and here you will find myriad of the spectacular heritage sites. The whole town features the most beautiful forts, mosques, and monuments built by the Mughals. It is the city which is known as the epitome of life and vibrancy, but it is also believed to be the home of the spirits, headless ghosts, and wailing ladies. Certain places here haunted. So the next time you visit here, make sure you do not attend the following locations alone.

1. Delhi Cantonment

It is the top most haunted place in Delhi. This deserted place gets even more scary after the sun sets. Located in the South West Delhi, many passers-by throughout the region have claimed a horrible middle-aged lady wrapped in a white saree asking for a lift from the car drivers or motorcyclists in the midnight. And whosoever refuses, she used to follow the person and also activates the engine of the vehicle. Many people believe that the lady who used to roam here may be killed in an accident or had faced something terrible. So if you are a daredevil, make sure you take a strong car, which is in good condition.

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2. Lothian Cemetery

Lothian Cemetery is the burial ground for royal Muslims. Since the big trees shade it and lush green grasses cover it, it is clear that the Britishers have used it for their own use in the year 1808. They destroyed the existing graves and eliminated the bones out of it. A lot of people have reported the people whose graves have destroyed us to roam here. There is also saying that a little kid wanders this place in search of his parents and even a headless man named Sir Nicholas who committed suicide after rejected by the lady he loves.

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3. Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station

This quiet sub-city of Dwarka also has mind-boggling and frightening incidences. Outside the entrance of the station, many people have reported negative energies. Some even said that they have seen a woman squinting at them. Many have spoken to have pushed by the ghost when leaving the metro station.

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4. House Number W-3

Here an elderly couple was murdered brutally inside their home. This address was once written in the three letters, and people claim that those ghosts control this place. People who visit here feel slow murmurs, laughter, and unusual voices within this empty house.

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5. Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque

It is also another haunted site in Delhi. Set within the region of the Mehrauli Archaeological Park, Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque are the famous mausoleums of the 16th-century Sufi saints ‘Kamali’ and ‘Jamali.’ In the year 1535, it is named Jamal Kamali Tomb after the Sufi saints died. Although it is best for the history lovers, there are also voices that call out the visitors from the mazaar inside the center dome of the tomb.

Those people who had visited this location had complained of the invisible and strange movements like animals growling, people fighting, women laughing from the graves set within the tomb. Many people have reported being slapped or pushed. Others had claimed to hear their names time and again. For visiting this tomb at the night time, you need to take permission from the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

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6. Sanjay Van

Sanjay Van in the Vasant Kunj (South Delhi) has a dense green forest, and this ten kilometers region has a lot of graves and remains of Qila Rai Pithora. However, the graves have now covered in the creepers, but they are still scary. There have been reports of the people hearing the kid crying, lonely lady disappearing suddenly, an echo of a wailing people, and getting driven by some invisible force while wandering in this place.

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7. Khooni Nadi

Located in Rohini, the khooni nadi sucks the people inside whoever goes too close to its waters. There were also many incidents of the death reported here. However, the mystery behind the deaths remains unexplained.

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8. Malcha Mahal

Located near Delhi Earth Station (Bistdari Road, Sardar Patel Marg), the Malcha Mahal of the Tughlaq dynasty is also a haunted site where a lot of paranormal activities has reported. This lonely monument surrounds the forest, and a woman in white greets the visitors.

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9. Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

The Feroz Shah Tughlaq builds Feroz Shah Kotla fort, and it is open to the public all days except Thursday. When the William Dalrymple conquered this region, he wrote the invisible djinns or fire spirits that inhabit this region. The ruins of this grand fort are believed to have djinn. Local people use to light the incense sticks for the djinns and also leave offerings like grain and milk and even write letters for them every Thursday.

Once the rituals of praying and writing wishes on the letter get finished, this fort complex gets closed. It is said that the djinns wander here freely after the sunset, marking their territory and frightening the person who enters the complex. With such scary stories, people nearby have built their houses facing opposite the fort to keep the djinns far away.

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10. Khooni Darwaza

Khooni Darwaza aka Lal Darwaza is a monument that has bloody history attached to it. It is the place where the heirs of Bahadur Shah Zafar got shot. Sher Shah Suri first created it in the year the 1540s. But after the rule of Jahangir, this place became famous. It is believed that the Hudson captured the three heirs of Emperor Bahadur Shah and shot them. So these two sons along with the grandson are supposed to haunt this area and ill-treat all the Caucasian visitors. Do not worry; they do not scare the Indian people.

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11. The Ridge

Delhi’s Ridge Area the Ridge is one of the scariest places in Delhi, and it turns more dark and scary at night time. Many eyewitnesses have reported that this place has a ghost of a British man and he is carrying old school rifle strolling.

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12. Agrasen ki Baoli

Agrasen ki Baoli is an architectural marvel and protected monument created in the fourteenth century by the king Agrasen. Here you will see the outstanding architecture. There is also a step well with 103 steps. There is a saying that the black water of the well is hypnotic and attracts people and forces them to drown. Also, when anyone goes further down the stairs, it echoes his own footsteps.

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13. Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal

Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal is the old and ruined hunting lodge of the Tughlaq dynasty built in the 14th century. It looks creepy even in broad daylight as there is not much crowd. It is rumored to be haunted the place and may have confessed to hearing the unusual sounds including the men cries and eerie whispers. Set nearby to the Hanuman statue, this small palace was supposed to have a neglected queen. It is another story that says that the fakir cursed this place. But all these claims have not verified yet.

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13 Haunted Places In Delhi that you Should not Visit Alone

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