16 Deadly Food Combinations that you Need to Skip Today

Nowadays, people are so busy and lazy that they do not have time to think and thus feel guilty after eating the wrong food. There are a lot of food combinations that are harmful and can cause bloating, heaviness, and even lethargy. It hinders the digestive system to process food and results in the stomach ache, fatigue, and nausea and even problem in eliminating the waste from the body.

1. Fries and Burger

Most of the people consume burger with the fires without even thinking of its effect. The presence of the trans-fats in both of them reduces the blood sugar level and lead to the tiredness and sleepiness.

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2. Juice and Cereals

Mainly people start their mornings with the food that give a boost in the energy. The blend of the juice and cereal does not provide too much power to kickstart your day but may leave you with the discomfort and heaviness. Moreover, the presence of the casein in the milk and acids in the orange juice reduces the activity of the enzyme and entirely kill them that break the carbs, therefore lowering the action of the body. To avoid this, take fruit juice at least one hour before or after the cereals.

Deadly Food Combinations

3. Soda and Pizza

Many of us can’t consume pizza without a drink. The carbohydrates, proteins, and starch in the pizza and the highly acidic content in soda take plenty of your body’s energy for the digestion. Furthermore, the sugar in the soda reduces the digestion rate and poses stomach issues like bloating and heaviness.

Deadly Food Combinations

4. Eggs and Bacon

Eggs and the bacon are the most famous food combination that people take, but they do not know that this combination is quite deadly to the body. The high fat in the bacon and protein content in the egg give an immediate energy boost to the body and this energy fade soon thus leaving you lethargic. The digestive system even takes a long time to digest them. Therefore, to avoid this condition, it’s better to eat the light proteins first and then the meat later on. Also, wait for at least ten minutes between these two meals.

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5. Nuts and Olive Oil

The protein present in the nuts and the fat in the olive oil do not combine well and thus pose digestion issues and can make the person ill.

Deadly Food Combinations

6. Animal Protein and Carbohydrates

When you eat any carb-rich food with protein like meat with bread or potatoes, it triggers protein to decay, and carb to ferment. Due to the lack of fiber, it leads to the bloating gas, and flatulence. Just remember that those people who have eaten this blend for the many years have created a lot of immunity but its best to complementary combinations such as rice and beans.

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7. Juice and Muffins

It is another deadly food combination that leaves you tired immediately after their consumption. It vanishes the fiber and protein you need to begin your day and reduces your blood sugar, thus making you crash soon.

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8. Food and Juice or Water

Consumption of the juice or water with the meal is the dangerous blend for the body. Water dilutes the stomach acids and lowers the effectiveness in breaking of the proteins, fat, and carbs. Therefore, that’s why it is advised to drink water before the meal so that there is no overeating or the dilution of the stomach enzymes.

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9. Tomatoes in Pasta

Pasta is incomplete without tomatoes, meat and cheese sauce and many people do not know that this staple meal can be toxic. The acids in the tomatoes weaken the enzyme in the pasta. The starchy carbohydrates in the pasta are hard to digest and the tomatoes being highly acidic causes the digestion of the starch even more difficult. Thus it leads to the havoc in the digestive system and causes bloating. Therefore, it’s best to have pesto sauce to prevent the meal fatigue.

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10. Fruit with Meal

Mango salsa with the strawberries and fish are almost everyone’s favorite. But did you know that it’s a bad combination? This mixture moves to the digestive system fast, and the presence of the sugar in it starts to ferment. Moreover, it’s also bad to eat the fruit after a full meal as it does not mix well and cause other food to stay in the stomach for longer.

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11. Yogurt with Fruits

This blend is something that a lot of us eat without giving a second thought. Yogurt contains plenty of the bacteria that will quickly act on the sugar and acids in the fruits and vanishes the digestive fibers. It leads to the cold, allergies, and toxins. You can cope with this by using the unflavored yogurt at room temperature and combine honey, raisins or cinnamon in it rather than fruits.

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12. Banana and Milk

Almost every one of us loves banana milkshake, but it can also become toxic as it sits in your stomach and causes slow down of the mind and heaviness in the stomach. So it’s better to avoid the combination of the banana and milk. If you can leave this habit, add a pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg to boost your digestive system.

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13. Cough Syrup and Lemon

Lemon hinders the enzyme that is needed to break down the statins and the other drugs (including the dextromethorphan). Due to this, it gets collected into the bloodstream, thus causing severe side effects.

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14. Cheese and Beans

It is common Mexican food. Avoid taking the blend of hot sauce, cheese, guacamole, and beans as this mixture leads to the bloating, gas and other digestion related issues. Thus, if you have weak digestion, it’s better to separate the cheese from the beans.

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15. Allergy Medicines and Apple Juice

The presence of the nectar in the apples hugely affects the absorption of allergy medicine in the blood and causes the medicine to become almost 70% less effective.

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16. Meat and Cheese

Cheese and meat omelet, meat in fondue, and Cheesy meatballs- all of these are protein-rich food. But it is quite hard it digest. Instead, eat chopped veggies in fondue and avoid the use of cheese in the meatballs or the meat in an omelet.

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16 Deadly Food Combinations that you Need to Skip Today

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