4 DIY Heart Hairstyles To Try This Love Season

Check out the hair tutorial on how to make a quick and elegant heart hairstyles for daily, wedding, prom, homecoming, or school. It is a perfect for long or medium hair. It’s simple to make and also seems cute on valentine day.

1. Twist heart hair bun

This pretty bun is the best for the love occasions and looks incredibly gorgeous.

You Will Need:

a) 2 tiny bobby pins
b) 1 comb
c) 2 small ponytail rubber bands

Twist heart hair bun


a) Begin by adding a little wave to your hairs. Do wand waves for this hairstyle.
b) Now, put your hairs half up by separating into two tiny ponytails right next to each other.
c) Twist the right ponytails in downwards directions and slide bobby pin into the base closer to the ponytails holder. It will keep it in fastened as you twist.

Twist heart hair bun-1
d) Then, wrap the ponytail and oven to make the top of the heart. Keep winding in the similar directions.
e) Add bobby pins to these three places
f) Repeat on the other side.
g) Finally, add one more bobby pin at the bottom of the heart for additional security.


2. Heart Bun

You Will Need:

a) Rattail comb
b) Spray bottle
c) Brush
d) 1 bun maker (hair donut)
e) 2 to 3 hair bands
f) Tiny hair rubber bands
g) 6 to 8 bobby pins
h) Accessory (optional)

Time Needed: 5 to 8 minutes
Skill Level: Medium



a) Start by modifying the bun maker.
b) Now take a standard bun maker and pinch the bottom of it together till it creates a point and then put two hair elastics over it to keep the bottom squished together holding the shape.
c) Now, pinch along the top left side of the bun maker and slide two more hair rubber bands of it and do the similar on the right side too
Note: This will create an M shape at the top of the heart, and it will leave a triangle shaped bun maker rather than a donut.
d) Create a ponytail on the head’s back and fix it with a hair band.
e) Now, take the modified bun maker and slide it onto the ponytails holder and against the bottom of the head.
f) Then, have your daughter tip her head down and leave the hair to fall smoothly over the bun maker.
g) Once you have the hair evenly spaced, just take a hair band and slide it over the bun.
h) You should still have the remaining hair ends sticking the hairs and add more hairs while you go.
i) Continue twisting in the hairs till you have included all the strands all over the bun base and then fix this with few bobby pins.
j) To focus on the hair shaped, gently pull down on the middle hair of M of the heart and set it using a bobby pin.
k) Softly, tug on the arches of heart to look more bouncy.
l) Finally, add hairspray or accessory as needed.

3. Double-Twist Hearts

You Will Need:

a) Rat-tail comb
b) 4 hair bands
c) Topsy tail tool
d) Spray bottle
e) Two valentine day ribbons
f) Gel or pomade (optional)

Time Needed: 5 to 10 minutes

Skill Level: Easy



4. Rope-Braided Heart

You Will Need:

a) Rat-tail comb
b) Brush
c) Hairspray
d) 3 tiny hair elastics
e) Hair accessory (optional)

Rope-Braided Heart

Time Needed: 8 to 10 minutes
Skill Level: Medium


a) Start by dividing the hair straight down the center of the head.
b) Now, begin at the top or back of the head and start splitting a half heart with the rat tail comb and make a straight line as a middle of the heart.
c) Partition the second half of the heart on the other side of the partition line.
d) Tightly collect all the hairs from the heart part and fix it using the rubber band closer to the base at the point of the heart and leave it to one side for now.
e) Take all the remaining hairs on the left side of the partition line and fix it out of the way.
f) On the right side, start at the top of the head close to the inner eye and start a rope twists and continue this twist all over the hairline close to the ear, all over the head and down to the nape of the neck.
g) For this, create a rope twist by taking just two strands twisting both parts in the similar direction.
h) Then just take those two hair strands and roll them in the opposite direction than the one in each strand were twisted.
i) Now, add the hair into both strands and turn both of them in the similar direction and then roll the two strands over each other in the opposite direction.
j) Fix this using a rubber band and repeat steps from 6 to 10 on the left side of the head.
k) Take both rope braid ends and make another rope twist with them.
l) Wrap the rope braid up all over itself into a bun at the bottom of the heart and fix it using bobby pins.
m) Add hairspray or accessory as needed.

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4 DIY Heart Hairstyles To Try This Love Season

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